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It Is in Giving That We Receive Happiness

The holiday season is upon us. Read how giving to others can be the best gift we can give ourselves.
Posted 12/19/2009  2:00:00 PM By: Nancy Howard : 88 comments   19,105 views
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I'm Setting My Sights A Little Higher...

Iím done with just trying to endure my depression and am setting my sights a little higher. How about you?
Posted 7/21/2009  6:45:03 PM By: Dean Anderson : 101 comments   15,986 views
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My Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes: What are Yours?

I have often heard we learn more from our mistakes than we do from doing everything just right. This is true in every aspect of our life including embracing a healthy lifestyle.
Posted 6/20/2009  10:00:47 AM By: Nancy Howard : 199 comments   15,851 views
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Finding Balance: Can You Have It All At Once?

It's hard to be great at so many things at once because eventually, something has to give. You can end up feeling like you short-changed someone no matter what you decide.
Posted 5/29/2009  10:06:09 AM By: Jen Mueller : 75 comments   7,922 views
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Finding Balance: Dealing With Guilt

When it comes to my family, I frequently feel guilty. So how can I possibly add to that by trying to make time for myself?
Posted 3/31/2009  10:15:17 AM By: Jen Mueller : 119 comments   11,440 views
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Finding Balance: How Do I Make Time?

With so many day-to-day tasks to complete, how do you find time to take care of yourself? How do you learn to make yourself a priority?
Posted 2/24/2009  6:26:00 PM By: Jen Mueller : 71 comments   12,052 views
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Confession: My Mind Isnít Getting Along With My Body (Again)

Ever feel like your mind is one age, and your body is another? I do.
Posted 2/19/2009  12:33:32 PM By: Dean Anderson : 183 comments   7,276 views
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Finding Balance: Where Do I Begin?

Starting over is hard. You were working toward your health and fitness goals and then life got in the way. Now the question becomes: How do you begin again?
Posted 2/10/2009  6:13:12 AM By: Jen Mueller : 106 comments   12,744 views
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