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It Is in Giving That We Receive Happiness

For many of us this time of year brings the opportunity to help others. I am a true believer that when we give our time, talent or treasure to others we truly receive one of the greatest blessings in life. Giving back or helping those in need is what connects us to others and makes us happy and studies are proving this to be the case. It is truly what living is meant to be.

In just a few short days I will be celebrating my 4 year SparkVersary which means I have spent countless hours perusing the message boards. Over the course of four years I have seen complete strangers reach out to help others and what an amazing event it is to witness. Friendships are made and solidified as our members connect. And who can better to relate to our situation than others who have walked in similar shoes.

Posted 12/19/2009  2:40:48 PM By: Nancy Howard : 88 comments   15,249 views
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I'm Setting My Sights A Little Higher...

The first Day’s Night had come—
And grateful that a thing
So terrible—had been endured—
I told my Soul to sing—

She said her Strings were snapt—
Her Bow—to Atoms blown—
And so to mend her—gave me work
Until another Morn--

--Emily Dickinson, 410

I’m done with just trying to endure my depression and get back to "normal." I'm setting my sights a little higher this time.

Yeah, I know. Trying to make something out of being depressed is about as easy as trying to tie your shoes with one hand tied behind your back. At least when you start with nothing, anything you do will be something. When you start with a big batch of negatives like the hopelessness, helplessness, fatigue, and mental fog that is depression, there’s really no reason to believe that whatever you can do will even get you out of the hole, much less get you moving along in a good direction. It's much easier to see those depressed thoughts and feelings as enemies to be defeated, rather than tools to use.

But maybe it only seems this way because we've forgotten our basic math. When you multiply two negatives together, you get a positive, right? I'm hoping that at least some of the negatives going on for me right now can be combined into something positive--and something beyond merely getting back to "normal."
Posted 7/21/2009  6:45:03 PM By: Dean Anderson : 101 comments   12,580 views
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My Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes: What are Yours?

What I have learned in my 47 years on this planet is that it isn’t from our perfection that we learn the most about who we are, but when we make mistakes and learn from them that we find our true essence.

Below are my top 10 weight loss mistakes. I can tell you this wasn’t too difficult to configure because I certainly could come up with at least 10 more. Feel free to add to my list so that maybe others can learn from our mistakes.
Posted 6/20/2009  10:00:47 AM By: Nancy Howard : 197 comments   12,345 views
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Finding Balance: Can You Have It All At Once?

This is the fourth in a series about how to find the balance between work, family and your own health and fitness goals. Click here to read the first blog entry in this series.

I don't think she's the one who originated this quote, but I once heard Oprah Winfrey say "You can have it all. You just can't have it all at one time." She was referring to balancing your time between being a wife, mother, career woman, etc.
Posted 5/29/2009  10:06:09 AM By: Jen Mueller : 75 comments   5,469 views
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Finding Balance: Dealing With Guilt

This is the third in a series about how to find the balance between work, family and your own health and fitness goals. Click here to read the first blog entry in this series.

I was talking to a co-worker the other day about the subject of guilt. She was saying how she feels guilty about little things all the time--like using a paper towel (which gets thrown away) instead of a dish towel. My response was "Just wait until you have kids! Then the real guilt begins!"
Posted 3/31/2009  10:15:17 AM By: Jen Mueller : 119 comments   7,378 views
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Finding Balance: How Do I Make Time?

This is the second in a series about how to find the balance between work, family and your own health and fitness goals. Click here to read the first blog entry in this series.

I work a lot from home, so with two little ones around, finding time throughout the day to get my job done can be a challenge. These days, packing up for a trip to the store, doing the shopping and coming home to unpack the groceries can be a half-day affair. With so many day-to-day tasks to complete, how do I find time to take care of myself?
Posted 2/24/2009  6:26:00 PM By: Jen Mueller : 71 comments   7,978 views
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Confession: My Mind Isn’t Getting Along With My Body (Again)

I had one of those Aha! moments this past weekend. You probably know what I’m talking about: one of those blinding flashes of the obvious (BFO), where you suddenly realize what’s really going on, and why you’ve been doing what you've been doing. Which, of course, has been obvious to everyone else in your life for quite a while.

This particular BFO was triggered by a complete stranger. I was out last Sunday taking a ride on my bike, and was making a quick stop at the grocery store on my way home when I crashed. I didn’t think it was any big deal, just some scratches and bruises, and tried to head on into the grocery store as planned. But some bystanders firmly insisted that I should wait for the paramedics, who had already been called. I protested until a woman pulled a mirror from her purse and showed me my face, which was covered in blood from a fairly nasty looking gash near my temple.

Fortunately, my injuries turned out to be less serious than they looked. But in the course of cleaning me up and checking me out for signs of a concussion, the paramedic grilled me about what had happened. I explained that I had been out on a long ride, and was angling into the store’s driveway when my front tire got snagged on the curb cut and I was thrown off the bike onto the sidewalk. We walked over so I could show him where it happened, and I saw that the curb cut was very high, which explained why it grabbed my tire. I told him I hadn’t noticed that, because I didn’t have my glasses on. Then he said:
Posted 2/19/2009  12:33:32 PM By: Dean Anderson : 183 comments   5,079 views
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Finding Balance: Where Do I Begin?

This is the first in a series about how to find the balance between work, family and your own health and fitness goals.

Starting over is hard. You had a regular exercise routine, a healthy diet and were working toward your health and fitness goals. Then life got in the way. Maybe you got off track because you got busy at work, bought a new house or if you're like me, had a new baby. Your own goals took a backseat to other priorities, and some of those old habits started to creep back into your life. Now the new year has you ready to make a fresh start and find the time to put yourself first. But the question becomes: Where do you begin?
Posted 2/10/2009  6:13:12 AM By: Jen Mueller : 106 comments   8,414 views
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