100+ Random Act of Kindness That Could Change the World


American aviator Amelia Earhart is quoted as saying, "A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.". Isn't that the truth? Whether you've been the giver or on the receiving end of a random act of kindness, you know the power that one small action can hold. In a world where many face tragedy or sadness alone or put on a happy face despite adversity, a hint of goodwill from an acquaintance or stranger can often unknowingly be the sole bright spot in a person's day, often prompting a ripple effect as they go on to share the good with others. Plus, as many small acts of kindness require little on the giver's end, what's holding you back from making someone's day today? 

As an added incentive, kindness is not only good for the beneficiary, but it can also do wonders for your own health! According to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, research shows that being kind can lead to increases in energy levels, extend your lifespan and lower your blood pressure and anxiety levels. If that's not enough, the Mayo Clinic shares research has shown that doing good for humanity can increase serotonin levels to make you feel great, while decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. Convinced? Time to get out there and spread joy!

  1. Next time you think of a compliment, share it! 
  2. Make muffins and take some to neighbors
  3. Send a fun postcard in the mail
  4. Order UberEats or DoorDash to surprise a loved one with a treat
  5. Send flowers or candy for no reason
  6. Ask someone how they are doing and really listen
  7. Call a family member you haven't spoken to in a while
  8. Pick up trash in your neighborhood
  9. Rake the leaves of a neighbor who isn’t able 
  10. Offer to babysit for new parents
  11. Express gratitude to someone who has helped you
  12. Invite a friend over for coffee on your porch or patio
  13. Share a good recipe
  14. Donate used grocery bags to a local food pantry
  15. Make a charitable contribution to a struggling business
  16. Take some old books to a "Little Library" near you
  17. Welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood
  18. Send a care package to the military
  19. Pay for the person behind you in line for coffee
  20. Tip someone in the service industry a little extra
  21. Ask a customer service person how their day is going
  22. Leave a note anonymously for someone to find a compliment
  23. Paint inspirational rocks and place them around your neighborhood
  24. Text or call an old friend and check in on them
  25. Volunteer your time at a soup kitchen or non-profit organization
  26. Consider adopting a family to help with Christmas expenses
  27. Offer a person in need a granola bar or snack
  28. Anonymously leave a note or gift for a coworker
  29. Deliver a hearty meal to someone in need
  30. Smile at a stranger on the street
  31. Help an older person load an item into their car
  32. Offer to help a neighbor with a home project
  33. Tell someone who inspired you how they changed your life
  34. Hide something funny for your roommate or partner to find
  35. Make dinner or a treat for local first responders
  36. Share a great coupon you’ve found with others who might like it
  37. Send thank-you notes in the mail
  38. Offer to wash someone’s car
  39. Offer to help your friends out on moving day
  40. Tape change to a parking meter
  41. Return someone’s cart for them at the store
  42. Donate your hair to a good cause
  43. Pay the adoption fee for a rescue animal 
  44. Leave change in a vending machine
  45. Let someone go before you in line
  46. Instead of asking for gifts, use your birthday to raise awareness for your favorite charity
  47. Pay for someone’s bus, cab or Uber fare
  48. Help someone in need cross the street
  49. Plan a surprise party for someone
  50. Volunteer at a retirement home
  51. Host a free lemonade stand
  52. Donate blood
  53. Hold the elevator door
  54. Do another family member’s chores
  55. Buy groceries for a family in need
  56. Make breakfast for a family member before they leave for school or work
  57. Give a teacher a thank-you gift
  58. Call your grandparents and ask them to tell you a story from their youth
  59. Help someone elderly carry out their groceries
  60. Leave a treat on someone’s doorstep
  61. Slow down and let someone merge in front of you in traffic 
  62. Let someone else take that prime parking spot
  63. Play BINGO or sing some songs at your local nursing home
  64. Help someone who may be lost by giving them directions
  65. Leave a positive, uplifting comment on an internet post
  66. Leave a nice note for your local delivery driver or mail carrier 
  67. Give a message of encouragement to a new parent
  68. Learn CPR for future emergency situations
  69. Pass along a compliment to a fellow coworker for all their hard work
  70. Sign up for a virtual volunteer event 
  71. Save the environment by planting a tree
  72. Participate in a local fundraiser event
  73. Offer someone your extra pen
  74. Share a funny video or inspiration message with someone you know is struggling
  75. Lend a friend your favorite book
  76. Bring toys to the local homeless shelter or animal shelter
  77. Bake a special treat for the office
  78. Leave a nice note on someone’s car
  79. Share your umbrella with someone 
  80. Make someone laugh
  81. Offer to take a group or couple photo for someone
  82. Reconnect with an old friend or classmate
  83. Write down the best qualities about a person and give it to them
  84. Leave some quarters at the local laundromat 
  85. Seek out ways to help local veterans
  86. Take a walk with your neighbor
  87. Learn sign language
  88. Connect a charity to your Amazon account
  89. Donate blankets to a homeless shelter or animal shelter
  90. Take 15 minutes to really mindfully listen to someone
  91. Disconnect from technology when you are with your family or friends
  92. Donate extra clothing or shoes that you no longer wear
  93. Let someone who lost or forgot their phone make a call on yours
  94. Teach someone a new hobby or trade
  95. Help someone fix a flat tire
  96. Teach someone a new language 
  97. Donate extra canned foods to your local food pantry
  98. Walk your neighbor’s dog 
  99. Give someone a ride to work that does not have transportation
  100. Share an inspirational quote 
  101. Donate money to a charity that inspires you  
  102. Leave a positive review for a small business you love
  103. Sign up as a mentor through your alumni network
  104. Email your boss and tell them how you appreciate their leadership
  105. Donate your time to tutor at a local school
  106. Offer to collect items or money at the office for a local charity
  107. Write a kind social media post about someone who has helped you grow
  108. Tell someone you love them

How will you brighten someone's day today?