Printable Spending Log

Month: ________________
Date Place What did I buy? Category/Reason Amount $

To learn more about using this log effectively, read Starting and Sticking to a Budget. If you prefer to track your spending online, you can create a Monthly Budget.
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Member Comments

Thanks very much! :) Report
thanks Report
Great idea! Report
Go to the icon that is three horizontal lines next to the email button ( my hubby who is in IT, calls it a hamburger). When you click on that it will give you a choice to save or print. Report
Thank you. Report
Great app
I look forward to using this one. Thank you so much! Report
I can't print it. There is no button to push to print. Report
Great! Report
Thank you for this, I look forward to using it. Report
Wow, so simple. But so effective. Report
This is very timely because I have decided that in August I would track my spending to see where my money goes. I haven't had a raise in over 5 years and everything just gets more expensive, so I want to see where I might be able to cut back even more. Report
I like that I can print it out. I think that I will have to have a few planners for my shreddies cereal and breakfast food, clothes, etc... Thank you so much for posting this here! I will be trying it out today! Report
Thanks. You have just made me accountable for my spending decisions. This tool will help me discover when & why I buy things. Report
I have never put myself on a budget, always though being frugal would get me by but i am determined to do better so i will give this a shot..excited to see what i learn from this Report