''I Still Track My Food Every Day'' *

Randy (JNORMAN1969) lost an astounding 235 pounds (the last 75 of which since joining SparkPeople). Find out how he has been maintaining his success for the past three months.

Randy Before Randy After

What challenges did you face after reaching your goal weight? What did you do to overcome them?

The biggest challenge that I faced was mental. I would see the scale go up a pound or two and would freak out and think that I was doing something wrong. I had to learn that it was okay—that it was actually a normal part of maintaining a healthy weight range. Even though it would go up sometimes, it would come back down again.

What strategies do you currently use to help you maintain your weight loss?

One of my strategies is to stay off the scale. I only weigh myself once a week now. I still use the Nutrition Tracker as if it’s the last thing on earth!

How has the SparkPeople Community helped you to stay at your goal weight?

SparkPeople was definitely a useful tool for me. Staying very active on the Message Boards helps keep me accountable. I also keep my Nutrition Tracker public on my SparkPage. Knowing that others can see it helps keep me on track.

What tools on the site do you use to help you maintain? Do you still track all of your food and exercise?

The most useful tool for me has been the Nutrition Tracker. I track my food everyday, except when I'm on vacation and have limited computer access.

Do you have any advice for someone who's about to reach his goal and enter into maintenance?

The best advice I have is to remember that you have a learned a new way of eating and have developed a new lifestyle. If you go back to your old ways, then the old results will come back as well. Use the tools and habits you have learned and you will stay healthy and thin.

* Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.
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Member Comments

Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Great job, Randy, most impressive! Report
What an inspiration, well done to Randy! Thanks for sharing his story. I am so, so in love with my nutrition tracker and know I will only succeed if I continue to track my nutrition daily. Great article! Report
I love tracking! I like being able to see the report and know how healthy I'm eating. It's the best tool available that I know of. With the phone app you can log as you eat! Thanks Spark People! Report
Yes, hopefully it means he doesn't need Spark People any more - not that he has relapsed!

I have always hated tracking - once I start focusing on trying to write everything down the whole thing becomes such a chore that I stop doing it. Calorie-counting drives me insane!

However, I do have an awareness of calories, and I do use scales. Report
It is a shame, this person's SP is off-line or deleted now. Report
Thanks Report
I still track after 16 years of maintenance! Report
The nutrition tracker is the best thing that helps me keep out of trouble! I'm not planning to give it up! Report
Happy to read this. I plan to continue tracking when I reach my goal weight as well. I think tracking is what made my journey so successful. Report
Great! Report
I agree about the Nutrition tracker. The lifestyle I have created is certainly a healthier one than what I did previously. However, tracking is key. Since I use moderation and portion control as my guide, it is important that I r3cord my foods on a daily basis, I am 15 pounds from maintenance but I will be a tracker to goal, through maintenance, and beyond. I plan to continue to use the tools that made this a successful journey. Report