Double Your Weight Loss with One Simple Trick

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In this short video, Coach Nicole explains the benefits of an easy-to-use weight management tool!

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Video unavailable? Report
does not play :0( Report
I'm in U.S.--can't get it either. Report
Message - Video unavailable here in UK also. Report
So frustrating! It's not available! I live in Alberta, Canada. Report
Still unavailable (here in Missouri, USA) From looking at other comments, this has been a problem for quite a while. Hmm..... Report
Not available in Canada...Hey, could we get some maintenance over here please? Report
Not working. Only in Canada?
This website can use some maintenance. There are many videos that do not work, links that don't go anywhere, and articles that contain serious errors in content.

AKA I cannot see the video either, it states that the video is not available. Report
why would you feature a video that can't be played?? Report
unfortunately, I can't view this video - says this video is private
note says video is unavailable. Report
Does not play, says it is private...:( Report
Had a message on the video screen saying the video wasn't available but assuming from comments it's on journaling what you eat. I've been doing it for almost 10 years--I have lost not a single pound in the last year but nor have I gained back any of the 100 or so lbs I lost. But, I'm aware that as my physical health declined so did my activity levels which is we all know is key! Report
Every thing works, for's the doing it for your lifetime that gets to you. Even knowing what's the right thing to do, seems to not help all the time. Unsatisfaction breeds going back to old habits again, because old habits made you feel comfortable, inside, right or wrong. Mental issue. Report