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McDonald's Egg McMuffin

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Submitted by DENMOMOF3

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JONDAK 8/15/2013 10:37:08 AM
Egg McMuffins are not too bad when you are in a hurry and didn't have time to pack something a bit healthier. Just don't forget to skip the hash browns:)
TASHAGRACE 8/30/2012 4:14:58 PM
I love Egg McMuffins, but I always order them with a folded egg instead of a round egg (that's the fake liquid egg instead of the real egg-- I just like the taste better). I can't seem to find the difference in the nutritional value with this swap... any hints?
JOHNOSTHUS 10/24/2011 9:17:40 AM
I am sorry but i do not see the googd in any food from Mc Donalds... Yes i like it but now that i am a diabetic i think it best to stay away from all fast foods..
DILLIGAD1956 9/18/2011 9:12:50 PM
If there isn't a McDonalds handy the Breakfast Jack at Jack in the Box works well as a replacement breakfast sandwich.
GREASE31 9/3/2011 5:32:40 AM
I like this as it tastes really good.
MBRANDO 1/27/2011 8:35:17 AM
you can go on the mcdonalds website and do the grab a mcmeal option and leave off the canadian bacon to see what it does to fat and calories. Doesn't have much fat in it though so it doesn't help much. Also doesn't have that many calories. 20 - 30 if memory serves. I could live on egg mcmuffins.
HENRYSMOM5 1/26/2011 8:41:36 AM
I am sure if you leave off the canadian bacon, the fat and the sodium drop way down.... but, I, too, wish we could figure out the real numbers... What everyone should try to save the pocketbook though, is just buy one of those microwave egg cookers. Then, you toast a high fiber english muffin and as that toasts, you put a drop of water in the egg cooker, put in an egg and break the yellow and microwave it for one minute. Add a slice of low fat american cheese and you have a cheap, better tasting egg mcmuffin without meat~~ It is delish and much cheaper calorically and financially.. :)
HUEVOSRANCHEROS 1/5/2011 3:49:27 PM
I get this a few times a week, but because I'm a vegetarian I order it without the Canadian bacon. I wish I knew exactly how much that saves me in calories and fat, but would imagine that it makes it a slightly healthier breakfast option.
DEBYNASH 1/5/2011 1:05:33 PM
This is the most balanced fast food brekkie I have been able to find - a little high on fat, but really tasty and still fairly low-cal. An absolute must when I haven't been able to eat breakfast before going on the road.
SHDWLARK 12/31/2010 11:19:31 AM
This is unfortunatly a stable for me. But it is the best choice for a hot Fast Food sandwich. I get it almost every day plus a diet coke. (my only soda for the day but 32oz is allot for a day)
1976LINSOFKY 10/11/2010 11:24:26 PM
I eat an egg mcmuffin almost every morning.
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