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Subway 6 inch Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

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ACONKIN23 12/26/2013 12:15:14 PM
This is my all time favorite sandwich!!!!!
HISWAYONLY 10/25/2013 2:56:38 PM
This is also my favorite. Although I am at home eating my prepared lunch, I have a taste for this same sandwich!!
CALIGIRL1075 5/11/2011 3:15:20 AM
Love the Sandwich, cant wait to try it as a Salad to save the carbs on the bread !
MISSMAC29 3/9/2011 8:27:03 PM
MISSMAC29 3/9/2011 8:23:58 PM
I eat this sub as a salad and it is awesome. I load up on the veggies.
POINTAFTER 10/23/2010 4:29:27 PM
This is my favorite fast food.
SHERRY666 10/1/2010 2:01:21 PM
I usually have the other chicken sub.... Never tried this one...... but I will be now........ thanks for all the comments.... makes it sound delicious......
CHATTERJESIS 7/2/2010 10:22:51 PM
I really love it..i do not gain weight by eating it
TATTOOEDFAY 5/3/2010 7:58:53 PM
This is really good with spinach, if your Subway has it! Not all of them do, unfortunatly.
SMILESRME 3/1/2010 9:02:40 AM
Love it! Pile on the veggies...I'm so glad our local Subway shops offer spinach.
KDOTY2002 2/23/2010 9:27:45 PM
I love this sandwich as well as the BLT.
HUSKERDEE 2/11/2010 7:44:47 PM
I love it. This is my absolute favorite there. I use to like the Philly, but it is very fattening. Now I am addicted to the sweet onion chicken teriyaki
DCLARIDGE 9/10/2009 3:37:57 PM
Is the calories listed for this sandwich without cheese?
CHARLEYSUE 7/1/2009 10:43:24 AM
I do this as a salad. I love the taste of the chicken and the Sweet Onion ... but can do without the carbs of the bread. Pile those veggies on the salad and it's a very filling meal.
TAMARAH5 6/30/2009 3:43:11 PM
I love this sandwich...its very filling too.
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