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Eating Healthy at Dairy Queen

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While most of us think of Dairy Queen as a place to grab a cone, shake or Blizzard, many locations offer food. Remember that ice cream is not a beverage, so consider your frozen treat (or shake) to be just that--a treat, not part of your meal. Choose carefully and you'll still have room in your belly--and your Nutrition Tracker--for a treat.

  • Your best sandwich choices include the Original Hamburger (350 calories, 14 g fat, 680 mg sodium), Grilled Chicken Sandwich (370 calories, 16 g fat, 780 mg sodium), Grilled Chicken Wrap (200 calories, 12 g fat, 450 mg sodium), and All Beef Hot Dog (250 calories, 14 g fat, 770 mg sodium). Instead of ordering fries with your sandwich, select a side salad to save 265 calories, 13 g of fat and 490 mg of sodium.

  • The Grilled Chicken Salad (280 calories, 11 g fat, 890 mg sodium) is another good meal choice, as long as you select a fat-free dressing.

  • Ask for water instead of a fountain drink. Avoid drinkable treats such as the Arctic Rush or MooLatte, which contain 300-800 calories; shakes and malts contain 500-1,100 calories per serving!

  • If you're craving ice cream, go for the small DQ reduced-fat soft serve cone, which contains approximately 230-240 calories and 7 g of fat, depending on the flavor.

  • Blizzards are tasty, but even the smallest size contains at least 670 calories and 25 g of fat. Share these with a friend or skip them entirely. Treat yourself to a small sundae instead, for 280 calories and 7 g of fat.

  • DQ offers several no-sugar-added frozen treats, including the DQ Fudge Bar (50 calories, 0 g fat), DQ Vanilla Orange Bar (60 calories, 0 g fat), Cherry StarKiss Bar (80 calories, 0 g fat), Star & Stripes StarKiss Bar (80 calories, 0 g fat), and DQ Sandwich (190 calories, 5 g fat).

  • Dairy Queen provides nutrition info on its website.

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