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6 Silly Workouts That Are No Joke!

6 Silly Workouts That Are No Joke!

By Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer

While staying serious about your workout plan is a good thing, it doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with exercise now and then! In fact, a silly workout may help you burn more calories and reinvigorate your usual routine--all while engaging your abs thanks to all the laughter! Check out some of these crazy-fun workouts that offer some real health and fitness benefits.
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Kangaroo Jumps

What It Is: These specially designed "rebound exercise shoes" claim to be the world's lowest impact shoes available, and can be worn for everything from dancing, running, jumping and during their custom fitness classes.

Why It's Beneficial: They are kind of like having mini-trampolines strapped to the bottom of your shoes, but they look way cooler (think moon shoes)! If you need to stay away from higher impact moves like running or jumping, strapping on a pair of these means you can run and bounce pain-free—and rack up a great calorie burn. Not to mention, you'll probably get plenty of attention and meet some new people by wearing them in public. Check them out in action in this fun dance class video!

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