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Peek Inside 'The SparkPeople Cookbook'

Love Your Food, Lose the Weight

Just as SparkPeople isn't a diet website, this isn't a diet cookbook. No deprivation and no bland diet foods here--only healthy, easy and affordable recipes that are, of course, delicious. No ingredient is off-limits, and Chef Meg loads up the plate with lean protein, whole grains, and generous portions of fruits and vegetables--all bursting with flavor, not fat!
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Eat Like a Chef and Still Lose Weight--without Spending Hours in the Kitchen

Chef Meg is a farmer's daughter, a marathon runner, and a busy mom. She needs her meals to fuel her through a busy life--just like you do. That said, she doesn't have time to spend hours cooking dinner. These meals are delicious enough to satisfy a chef, they're simple enough to please a busy mom, and they're sustaining to carry her through a workout, too.

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