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15 Budget-Friendly Yoga Essentials for All Shapes & Sizes

15 Budget-Friendly Essentials for Curvy Yogis

By: Elizabeth Lowry

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: You are NOT too heavy to exercise! Whether you like to walk, run, hit a Zumba class or practice yoga, nearly any activity is accessible and adaptable to your particular fitness level.

One great activity that helps you stay in shape and keep your muscles flexible, strong and injury-free is yoga. Yoga is a great exercise for anyone of any size! If you'd like to try yoga but you find yourself with nothing to wear or are afraid you'll never be flexible enough, allow us to lend a helping hand.

Today's fitness clothing and accessories come in a variety of sizes and styles sure to please even the pickiest yogi. Outfit yourself in long, cropped, colorful, muted, fitted or baggy styles, grab your yoga blocks and straps and hit the mat with confidence and style.

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Baggy Yoga Pants

Take these comfy babies from lounging to yoga, no sweat. Cute, comfortable and breathable, these pants will get you through any yoga pose and then some.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, we're confident every yoga practitioner could benefit from at least one (or more) of these pants.

Artfish Loose, Baggy Yoga Pants Available at Amazon ($14.99)

Photo courtesy of Amazon.