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12 Tools That Make Meal Planning and Prep Easier

12 Kitchen Must-Haves for Meal Prep and Planning

By Elizabeth Lowry

Unless you've been living under a pile of takeout menus, you know that a key to eating well is having your meals planned out ahead of time and possessing the tools to prepare what you've planned on hand. Not only will you save time, but meal planning and prepping can also help you eat more nutritiously, reduce any anxiety over what you are going to eat, help with weight loss or maintenance, and save you money—a plan we can all get behind.

From recipes that promise to yield more than one meal to perfectly portioned containers that go from fridge to microwave, there's never been a better time to meal plan and prep a few meals a few days in advance.
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Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook

How can you have anything to prep if you don't have any meals planned? Start here, with this enlightening book on prepping and portioning healthy, nutritious meals for up to a week in advance. Reach your weight-loss goals, save time and prep like a pro with this useful book from the popular YouTube channel Fit Couple Cooks.

"Healthy Meal Prep: Time-Saving Plans to Prep and Portion your Weekly Meals" Available at Amazon ($12.80)

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