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9 Kitchen Tools That Make Eating Clean Easier

9 Tools That Saved Me When I Started Eating Clean

By Alicia Capetillo, Editor-in-Chief

The term "clean eating" gets thrown around a lot, but not everyone seems to agree on exactly what it means to eat clean. For some, they immediately think of Whole30 and the torturous idea of having to cut sugar and alcohol out of their lives. Others might conjure up an image of a my-body-is-a-temple enthusiast silently judging you for that mountain of cheese fries you're eating. For me, clean eating is a philosophy that could help me be more conscious of the foods I'm eating.

At its core, clean eating is just about eating whole foods, or those that are minimally processed or refined. By paying attention to ingredient labels, watching for additives that I cannot and will not pronounce, and prioritizing whole foods over pre-packaged options, I'm automatically cutting out foods that are probably not great for my body or my fitness goals anyway. While I'm not diving in 100 percent (I mean…cheese fries…), the idea of clean eating has been appealing to me for some time. So, with a few cookbooks under my arm and a dream, I decided to ease myself into some light clean cooking and pretty quickly realized that my bare-bones kitchen wasn't going to cut it. I made some adjustments and now, I'm a clean(ish) cooking machine.

Before you dive into clean eating or cooking, you might want to check that you have a few of these items on hand first.
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Food Processor

A food processor might very well be the holy grail of clean-eating cooking products. I realized this should be my first purchase after coming across recipe after recipe for brownies that required dates be processed to add sweetness to the chocolate confection. I might be trying to eat cleaner, but you can rip brownies from my cold, dead hands, so the processor is a must. Beyond desserts, though, a food processor comes in handy for making pesto, dressings, condiments, soups and chopping up raw nuts. It's a tiny, multitasking wizard.

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Photo courtesy of Amazon.