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10 Products That Help You Stay Dry When You Break a Sweat

Products Meant for Sweat

by Elizabeth Lowry, SparkPeople blogger

Whether it's a trickle or a torrent, everyone sweats. Sweat glands work to cool you down when your body heats up--whether from an intense training session or a stroll on a hot summer day.

Although you can produce sweat glands nearly anywhere on your body, the glands tend to cluster more in the places you would expect--the armpits, head, feet and hands. Various factors such as your gender, your fitness level, your weight or other underlying health conditions can contribute to how much you sweat. However, assuming you are in overall good health, the reason you might be drenched in sweat while your bestie is barely brushing away drop on her forehead after a serious weight room sesh is simply that you were born that way.

Luckily, there are products on the market that can help you cool down quicker, towel off faster and mask any unpleasant odors that come along with the sweat so you can face the gym (or your personal trainer) another day.

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Clinical Strength Antiperspirant from SweatBlock

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