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The 10 Germiest Surfaces You Touch Each Day

The 10 Germiest Surfaces You Touch Each Day

by Robin Donovan, Health Writer

There are some places that just seem dirty. Public bathrooms, baby pools, hospitals and doctors' offices are all likely to raise concerns about cleanliness. You might be surprised to find out that some of the dirtiest things we touch are rarely suspected as sources of germs. In fact, even public restrooms fare pretty well in terms of cleanliness compared with your personal workspace or cell phone. Keep reading for a list of the top places germs love to hide and how to avoid them.
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Your Desk

After clocking eight hours in a cubicle, the last thing most of us want to do is clean that workspace, but studies have shown that our work areas, and desks in particular, are among the germiest places in the office. They're even germier than shared toilet seats--400 times germier, in fact. With many people not only working but eating, socializing and even lounging at their desks, these spaces become a haven for microbes. In addition, because desks aren't expected to be germy, they're disinfected less regularly than, say, shared restrooms. So, clean your desk regularly with a disinfectant. If you can't clean your workspace frequently, at least consider doing so before working through lunch. Because not all cleaners are meant for food surfaces, check labels carefully; you might need to wipe down the desk with water before unpacking your meal.