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10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog

10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog

By Megan Patrick, Staff Writer

Living with a canine companion isn't just fun. It has also been proven to boost your health and happiness. But the true value of dogs doesn't stop there. Here are eight valuable lessons your dog can teach you.
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Greet everyone with a smile.

No matter how long or short you've been gone, your dog is always waiting beside the door to greet you--even if you arrive in the middle of the night. Sometimes he might be yawning, having woken up from a nap; other times he might be holding a chew toy in his mouth, having cut play time short to welcome you home. And it always feels great to see him there wagging his tail joyfully at your presence. You can do the same for any family member by turning off the TV or closing the laptop for a few minutes and getting up from wherever you were sitting to say hello and ask how their day was. It's an easy to way to make someone feel appreciated.