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9 Healthier Ways to Enjoy Bacon

9 Healthier Ways to Enjoy Bacon

by Bryn Mooth, SparkPeople Contributor
Unless you've been living on a deserted island the past few years, you've noticed the bacon trend. Bacon is everywhere: at food festivals, in chocolate and milkshakes--even as a toothpaste flavor! We can't get enough of our beloved bacon.

But piling bacon strips onto a giant cheeseburger isn't the only option for true bacon lovers. Here are nine ways to bring bacon back to your plate in a healthful and delicious way.

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Use Bacon for Flavor

Cooked bacon packs a ton of crispy, salty, smoky goodness, making it a terrific flavor addition to add to all kinds of dishes, from soups to salads to pastas. Think of bacon as a flavoring, and you'll be more likely to use it sparingly. Just one 45-calorie slice of bacon goes a long way when crumbled into a dish.