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10 Mini-Makeovers That Make a Big Impact

10 Mini Makeovers That Make a Big Impact

by Natalie L. Nichols, Health & Beauty Writer

These days, it’s tough for many of us to find the cash and time to go all out on a makeover. But even during the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we should all take time out for ourselves--and some beauty pampering. Whether you want to perk up your complexion, change your hairstyle or give your entire look a little more glamour, you don’t need to spend hours in the salon or spa. Just one or two tiny tweaks can give your look the big, beauty boost it needs. Try these 10 simple makeovers to spruce up your look in just minutes!
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Frame Your Face

Want to add a haute look to your hairstyle? Try cutting some fringy or blunt bangs that hit right at your brows. Styles like this that frame the face can really make your best features stand out; whether you have high cheekbones, big eyes or full, pouty lips. Ready to grow out your bangs? Simply sweep them to the side with a decorative hair clip for a whole new look in a jiffy