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Motivational Quote - Eat your greens

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Don't skimp on getting your greens! There are plenty of delicious ways to eat your veggies. Check out the hundreds of veggie dishes on SparkRecipes for great-tasting ways to get your five servings today.

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KATRET 1/8/2019 6:17:47 AM
Starting a new resolution to get healthy!
SEAMUNKI 5/27/2017 8:08:44 AM
I love my greens
STEELER71 9/5/2015 5:06:50 AM

We eat a lot of greens in our house . We have salads almost every night and I roast Brussel Sprouts and green peppers along with onion, fresh green beans and for me tomatoes.
1FLATLANDER 12/11/2014 4:51:13 PM
Love greens, need to go shopping after cupboard (fridge) is bare after vacation.
CMFARRELL36 12/10/2014 7:16:53 PM
Hubby and I both love our greens - just not necessarily the same greens at the same time!

I try to use different leafy greens on different days, just to try for different families of veg each day - moderation is the best way to go. But I still need to decide what and when, just to ensure some variety.
SPARKYFLOWER 12/5/2014 9:00:08 AM
Luckily I love vegetables and I enjoy growing them when I can.
MANOLY 9/23/2014 12:10:14 AM
I love veggies, since I start with SP I'm adding more fruits and veggies to my diet in many ways, shakes, steam, salads, soups, they are delicious.
DELLMEL 6/12/2014 9:06:55 AM
Love to eat veggies.
AMBER461 4/30/2014 9:45:06 PM
Love my veggies.
SANDRALEET 1/23/2014 7:40:50 AM
Greens are low in calorie Can add volume to your diet
CAPPY1248 1/21/2014 1:12:25 PM
I like to put kale or spinach in my shakes.
BROWNIEISLANDER 1/6/2014 6:45:50 PM
I use them daily in many ways!
BOBBYJUNE 12/6/2013 10:39:24 PM
good homemade soups are a great way to get your greens. Salsa makes a great base for soup as well.
MAYBER 11/10/2013 8:59:26 PM
Lots of different green veggies everyone should find some they like
Have tried kale and not sure am fixing it right as to me it is bitter
Anyone with a good way of fixing it would appreciate a visit to my page
One day at a time
Love prayers peace
NAWALNABOUL 11/10/2013 10:40:43 AM
Love my veggies too, from the farmers market they are awesome!!!
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