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Motivational Quote - Like mother, like daughter

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Are you setting a good example for your child through your diet and exercise habits? Check out this family health resource for more ideas on how to keep your little ones growing healthy and strong.

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JERSEYGIRL24 10/19/2019 3:20:12 PM
My daughter (in her 30s) is a fabulous cook. I think we instilled this in her when she was young. I think it is the best thing a parent can do. My son, on the other hand, doesn't cook except for things like burgers and hot dogs. I guess I should be thankful he does that much.
STEELER71 12/17/2014 6:19:46 AM

I see more of Mom in me all the time and my kids notice it too.
BIKER13396377 7/14/2014 8:41:21 PM
I was always conscious my weight, was active, but until I was pregnant did I really focus on nutrition and fitness so my baby would have the best chances for good health from the start. After I had my baby I continued with alittle more diligence when it came to food choices and exercise especially because I breast feed my daughter till she was eight months old. Thank God she is very healthy to this day and she is approaching her thirties. She always seem me exercising, watching my caloric intake, and eating good nutritious food. I set a good example and she uses those tools that I taught her from when she was very young. It does pay off.
STEELER71 6/11/2014 4:50:36 AM

How very true.
STEELER71 11/13/2013 5:04:42 AM

I have 3 daughters and I see myself in them more and more. The youngest will be 50 yrs. old next month and she's the one more like me than the others.
L30112012 10/30/2013 4:23:37 PM
i have a 5 year old and she pretends to cook things she knows i would cook.
BAMAJAM 9/19/2013 1:51:09 PM
Well, all you moms with more than one daughter----please send me one!
I really really want to have one---- (SMILE)
WESTERNSAGE 9/23/2012 8:13:32 PM
This brought a big smile for me. I have tried to eat healthy all my life, sometimes with good results, and sometimes with less success. But I always talked about it to my daughter. After she grew up and moved away I lost track of her eating habits. In recent years, as she and I have become closer, I have learned that she absorbed my basic lessons and has become far more like her mother in terms of eating a healthy diet. However, she was the first to join SparkPeople and then talked me into joining, so for us it's also a matter of Like Daughter, Like Mother!
CD3876543 9/23/2012 9:04:18 AM
It's so important to me to be a good role model for my daughter. We always eat our meals together and we talk about eating slowly and mindfully. We eat healthy, fresh foods and talk about nutrition!
MAYBER 9/23/2012 8:51:09 AM
Have three daughters two take after me and the third is a rebel
Not weightwise but just nicewise
One day at a time
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