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Motivational Quote - Things turn out best for those who make the best out of the way things turn out.

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Flexibility is a very important trait to have on the road to healthy living and throughout life in general. Try to view every problem optimistically; see the obstacles as challenges for you to conquer rather than as setbacks. When you overcome a problem, you'll emerge on the other side stronger and ready to tackle other obstacles that may arise.

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CKOUDSI617 9/29/2018 4:48:08 PM
It's all about attitude and our chosen responses (not always possible, but more often that I used to think)!
PATNELSON007 10/18/2017 8:07:58 PM
Nice one!
TSHAWGER 5/13/2016 9:21:26 AM
Another very good quote!
JEANBURK65 1/20/2015 3:21:09 PM
Great quote!!
STEELER71 12/6/2014 6:47:53 AM

I had to read this twice to really get the true meaning. Powerful quote and one I won't forget.
PLCPOOJA0611 2/11/2014 9:14:07 AM
one f my favourite
BROWNIEISLANDER 12/4/2013 6:13:31 AM
MAYBER 7/28/2013 9:07:35 AM
Flexibility go with the flow
As one who has moved several times in our married life
Another quote comes to mind
"Bloom where you are planted"
One day at a time
TESSACAT 7/28/2013 9:07:24 AM
Love this quote. Often the best things in life are those that were not planned.
ELIZABETHTORRES 7/28/2013 8:20:36 AM
Making the best out of the situation is a great perspective. This allows youth keep pressing on.
CHERYLJEAN61 5/3/2013 9:11:41 PM
Very special coach, very special quote!
GIANTSFAN55 3/3/2013 12:26:40 PM
John Wooden was a great basketball coach and a very articulate man. Great inspirational comment.
ROMEOSMOM27 1/3/2013 2:14:53 PM
I love this quote
MELAFYAIYAI 11/24/2012 8:33:14 AM
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