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Motivational Quote - Much as we may wish to make a new beginning, some part of us resists doing so as though we were making the first step toward disaster.

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Do you ever feel scared about taking the first step on a new path? At some point, we all do. Starting a new career, ending a comfortable relationship, moving on after a death…all of these can be frightening things to deal with. In life, you must be willing to take risks. Although that first step can be the most frightening, most of the time it is the most rewarding. It is the step that can launch you into success. So, risk it…and take that step you’ve been scared of.

Member Comments

PROVERBS31JULIA 4/21/2015 11:05:43 PM
Gotta save this one!!
GOODMEMORIES 1/4/2015 1:51:29 PM
New beginnings mean new chances, new choices! Make the best of a clean slate and leave the past behind.
MAYBER 4/13/2013 11:51:47 PM
Risk the small stuff and achieve success
Every time I get close to goal the backsliding begins
Help me to find the strength to struggle through the barriers put up by myself
One day at a time
SUNSHINEHEART 4/13/2013 8:30:59 AM
I believe that sometimes are mind makes us think that we are unable of accomplishing goals. Daily we face a lot of rocks in our path; but they are there only to make us stronger. We might fall once or twice but we will never quit.
NECDOO 4/13/2013 8:03:52 AM
This is so true. Changes are unknown and scary. To take that first step is nerve wracking but it gets easier after that and can even be fun.
CORGIMOM10 5/13/2012 10:25:21 AM
A new beginning is hard - especially if you are picking yourself up from a flop! This is my new favorite quote.
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