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Motivational Quote - I <3 my veggies

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Don't skimp on getting your greens! There are plenty of delicious ways to eat your veggies. Check out the hundreds of veggie dishes on SparkRecipes for great-tasting ways to get your five servings today.

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BAYOUSPICE 12/25/2019 11:04:18 AM
I love my vegetables because they are so good for you
CD18058656 9/16/2017 2:38:54 PM
LYNN_IN_DELI 8/18/2017 11:48:40 AM
I am finally learning to enjoy veggies on a regular basis.
PCSPEER 3/27/2017 9:28:49 AM
Very good and easy!
HEREWEGOAGAIN01 2/25/2017 7:31:37 PM
For most of my life I considered the pickles and lettuce that came on a burger my vegetables. Now trying a new one every week. Guess what? Found I love them. Use them at every meal. Put them in almost all my recipes. They are great for adding bulk with little calories.
MARYGEM53 12/15/2016 2:20:49 AM
I love veggies
SNOWYOGA 7/19/2015 8:39:32 PM
I love this 1! and I love my veggies and fruits too
ANNAHUBISZ 4/22/2015 6:56:16 PM
I like eating salads and fruit
PATTYGIVENS 1/28/2015 7:47:19 AM
PATTYGIVENS 8/31/2014 7:14:09 PM
Love veggies ... Good for you too .
AMYSYOKO 8/17/2014 10:43:12 AM
love all veggies, like trying new recipes and love love love growing them in my garden
SAGARINO 8/15/2014 11:14:00 AM
Love veggies of all kinds!
ALIZAHH 8/15/2014 7:58:32 AM
NOt being able to cut vegetables (I am after an elbow replacement), I have really come to appreciate those yummy salads that I now have to ask other people to cut up for me.
SISTERPAT 1/29/2014 8:35:37 PM
I hope I never have to live without my vegs! Love them so much every day!
DENNISBISHOP 11/2/2013 6:38:26 AM
Fresh fruit with lunch and fresh veggies for dinner..........every day.
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