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Motivational Quote - Running moves you forward in more ways than one

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Lace up those sneakers to slim down and center your mind! Need a running challenge? Check out SparkPeople's interval workouts for all fitness levels!

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STEELER71 8/22/2015 5:47:05 AM

I'm 76yrs. old with bad knees which have been replaced 15 yrs. ago and need replaced again so running is out of the question for me, but I so admire the runners I see going up and down the street as I'm walking.
KRISJADE 3/29/2015 11:37:36 AM
How true I'm not a runner yet but I'm avid walker /jogger
STEELER71 7/13/2014 4:12:44 PM

This quote is so meaningful. I love it.
RAYLEEN9 10/27/2013 9:44:48 AM
working on moving again..cutting back carbs ..writing down everything i eat and do..these are the things i do to help me
GIGI4AUSTIN 11/22/2012 9:14:52 AM
My sentiments, exactly!
BETTERME54 8/19/2012 10:33:58 PM
I.m Praying Onr Day I'll Be Able To Run Again. Or Just To Be Able To Walk The Miles.
MAYBER 8/19/2012 7:49:56 PM
Not a runner but walking will get me there too only slower
One day at a time
WHERERMY62KEYS 8/19/2012 1:29:53 PM
very true
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