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Motivational Quote - You are more than the number on a scale.

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The number on the scale is just that--a number. Don't let it define you or get you down! Find out how to break free from the scale here.

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JWINKSLLC 2/16/2021 9:44:44 PM
I have to repeat it. I am more than a number on a scale.
GIZZYMISSY 3/3/2017 8:14:16 PM
o need to feel thus
YANKEEGAL16 1/23/2017 1:35:07 PM
Great inspiration!!
CARLAWESSEL 12/14/2015 7:12:31 AM
I need to remember this. It's true
452134 11/13/2015 4:57:14 PM
PATTYGIVENS 5/5/2015 7:59:05 AM
you betcha
MADAMEJEANNE 1/28/2015 8:21:14 AM
For more times than not I would let the number on the scale defeat me but I need to remember that we are created in the image of God and He has a plan for each of us-even me.
GRANNYGOOSE1536 12/27/2014 6:10:37 PM
Freedom is loving self.
MR.TAPPS 10/20/2014 10:56:05 PM
This is a great job that you are doing keep up the good work.
STEELER71 5/1/2014 5:13:39 AM

PURPLESKYYY22 3/9/2014 9:01:42 AM
New beginnings
STEELER71 3/7/2014 5:15:50 AM

Second time I chose this one. How true it is.
STEELER71 12/7/2013 5:07:15 AM

This one is awesome.
GINIEMIE 11/18/2013 6:43:35 AM
It is only a tool, it does not define me.
LUCASMOM2003 3/2/2013 5:04:15 PM
This sums me up in one thought!
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