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Motivational Quote - Stop focusing on being skinny. Start focusing on being healthy and the weight will take care of itself.

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Quit trying to get skinny and focus on getting strong instead! If you challenge your body consistently and fuel yourself properly, your physique will respond very favorably. Lifting weights won't make you bulky; it will only trim you down and make you look more toned--in a good way!

Member Comments

GOLFGMA 6/5/2018 7:26:42 PM
Being healthy is the way to go!
GOLFGMA 2/12/2018 9:39:30 PM
This is exactly the way I feel!
CD22562937 1/16/2018 9:03:16 AM
If your focus is on being healthy, the result will be a healthier body. It just makes sense.
CD19923351 12/16/2017 4:55:21 AM
GOLFGMA 9/20/2017 9:49:43 PM
Love this quote!
JANNIE601 4/11/2017 10:00:10 AM
I so agree with this one. For years it's been diet but I'm changing the focus and it helps a lot
SRIDLEY99 4/14/2015 9:38:59 AM
Diet is a word that will no longer be in my vocabulary! I want to lead a healthy life style.
ONEOFSIXM 2/26/2015 8:20:42 PM
Healthy is what it is a about.
JEANBURK65 2/17/2015 7:28:51 PM
Love this!!
1FLATLANDER 11/22/2014 7:37:52 AM
Not everyone is meant to be skinny but Everyone is to be Healthy!!!!
CD14749146 7/1/2014 3:34:47 PM
It starts today ! I can do this
STEELER71 6/12/2014 5:08:27 AM

Healthy is the way to go. Awesome quote.
SPARKYFLOWER 2/22/2014 12:29:48 PM
Love this article, Thank You
VAINVT 2/22/2014 10:50:20 AM
It made a huge difference to me to stop focusing on weight and start focusing on health. Weight is the outer envelope, whereas health is the inner substance.
I've been astounded by the results of living a healthier life - softer skin, more muscular body, and better 'functional fitness' (the ability to do everyday activities).
IMHISTORY1 2/22/2014 10:02:52 AM
My doctor says I get it is all about health and feeling good. Skinny is a nice by-product, but when you realize it is your health, your life at stake - it makes a huge difference!
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