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Motivational Quote - The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race.

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Once you reach your goal, you have a whole new challenge to take on--maintenance! It takes just as much work to maintain your weight as it does to lose weight. Here's how to maintain your new weight.

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STEELER71 10/23/2014 4:43:10 AM

Take time to think about it. It's so true. Wonderful quote.
STEELER71 10/14/2014 4:59:41 AM

I never thought of it that way but it's so true.
CECELW 8/11/2014 8:17:53 PM
so true
SIOL55 7/10/2014 6:09:25 PM
So true.
LADYMACK24 3/24/2014 9:45:49 AM
I love this!
BROWNIEISLANDER 11/19/2013 10:04:27 AM
Wonderful...To keep on being Healthy and Fit!
ADRIENALINE 9/18/2012 12:53:01 PM
I'm in maintenance after losing 30 lbs and getting to my goal weight 6 months ago. This is the truest statement I've ever heard. It seems that every day is the start of a new race.
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