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Motivational Quote - Who I am really keeps surprising me.

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Your mindset can often make or break your progress. Self-loathing isn't going to get you anywhere, and will cause you to throw in the towel early and cheat yourself out of living your best life. Think positively and take note of all the ways you surprise yourself, big and small--there are probably more than you think!

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MSMOSTIMPROVED 5/29/2020 8:51:50 AM
CFRIEDMAN44 7/17/2019 11:39:22 PM
Every day I am surprising myself through learning to love to exercise and what it is doing to my body. I love SP.
EMCMAHON3 7/5/2019 10:48:02 PM
that quote sounds like me.
USMAWIFE 8/15/2017 5:16:13 PM
so true. thanks
LEANMEAN2 3/14/2015 7:58:42 AM
GRAHAM345ZOE 2/2/2015 8:14:45 PM
Our battles begin in our mind
EO4WELLNESS 8/13/2014 9:12:02 PM
Fun thought and photo.
VINTAGELAISANCE 8/7/2014 10:28:24 AM
I love this quote! It truly hits home for me.
STEELER71 4/12/2014 5:02:59 AM

This quote was made for me.
BETHLEE54 2/16/2014 3:38:43 PM
KEVINMACSR 2/16/2014 9:39:32 AM
Amen indeed!
CD5483846 2/16/2014 3:57:08 AM
CD8126238 1/4/2014 3:50:54 PM
Think Positively-I really needed to hear this today.
Thank You!
STEELER71 12/10/2013 4:59:37 AM

This quote is made for me.
STEELER71 12/8/2013 5:05:31 AM

I love this quote. This is so me.
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