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Motivational Quote - A good cook is a sorceress who dispenses happiness.

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Forget chemicals and "diet" food! Eating a fresh, home-cooked meal is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Eat fresh produce, whole grains, and natural ingredients to get the most nutrition and health benefits from your meals. Check out the healthy meal ideas on SparkRecipes for some great real food recipes!

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NJJEZ1 5/13/2020 10:57:12 AM
Thank you!!!
LYNSIEX 8/31/2018 9:01:31 AM
STEELER71 7/23/2015 4:38:45 AM

I've been told I'm a good cook but now I'm a Sorceress and the magic is in the healthy food I serve and the compliments I get that I never got before.
STEELER71 2/5/2015 5:20:32 AM

I also agree with tnyterror. Since I've changed my way of cooking and became a SORCERESS in my kitchen , I'm having fun and serving healthy food.
JEANBURK65 1/28/2015 12:10:19 PM
I have always been told I am a great cook!! And I love to experiment and I always change recipes, So now that I am eating healthy, I am enjoying experimenting with new recipes and making the healthy food taste great.
1LAZYCOOK 11/17/2013 10:54:57 AM
This makes me think of my Mother. She was a great cook (thought not always healthy food) and people loved gathering in her kitchen and at her table. We spent hours sitting and visiting at her table. Miss her so much!
MAYBER 7/22/2012 9:05:09 PM
I used to be a good cook now I depend on a few good meals to satisfy my guests
Luckily my DH is not a picky eater
One day at a time
IOWADEB 7/22/2012 10:56:53 AM
I agree with tnyterror. I live the idea of being a soceress in the kitchen
CD12582945 6/26/2012 11:58:58 AM
I love this! I always thought of myself as a good cook - and so do the people I serve. But, being a SPARKLER has made me rethink the food I buy, eat, and cook. Up til now my attitude has been one of seeing this change as tolerable - I know it's better for my health, but ultimately - BORING!!! And I don't do well with boredom.
But, here is this little tag that has made me see the FUN there is to be had in cooking healthy! It doesn't have to be boring...I can be a SORCERESS and find some magic in cooking healthy food. So, the food I serve those I love and cook for is not only "so-o-o good," but better for them. That really is something to feel good about!
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