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Motivational Quote - Never fight an inanimate object.

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How often do you feel like picking up that darn computer and chucking it out the window? Well, you are not alone. Sometimes it feels like these machines have a life of their own, even personal vendettas against us. Yet, no matter how hard it is to believe, this is not the case. They have no feelings, thoughts, or vendettas going on. They are just machines and no matter if we yell at them, praise them, make faces at them or smile at them, they are going to work the exact same way. However, these objects cause an enormous amount of undue stress on many of us. If you find yourself getting upset at an object that’s not working, ask if this is going to matter in an hour. Next time something doesn’t work, try to come back to it later, or maybe ask someone else to help you.

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