The SparkDiet

The SparkDiet is a four-stage process that teaches you how to get over the dieting hump. Built on motivation and momentum, the SparkDiet helps you make the transition from dieting to living a healthy lifestyle where you don’t need to diet anymore. Through regular e-mails, action steps and articles, the diet program walks you through smart weight loss strategies designed to eliminate yo-yo results.

"You CAN get there from here,
and we’ll show you how."

Stage 1: FAST BREAK (2 weeks)
  • Build the skills and discipline you need by practicing, learning and preparing.
  • Focus on a few simple goals to get your mind and body ready.
  • Learn to use the meal planner and nutrition tracker, and organize your surroundings.
Stage 2: HEALTHY DIET HABITS (6 weeks)
  • Make specific changes and learn a lot about making smart decisions.
  • Learn a new healthy habit each week, along with practical actions steps to carry it out.
  • Get more involved with the SparkPeople community and build confidence.
  • Habits include: Control Portions; Eat The Right Stuff; Exercise Consistently; Drink Water; Eat On Purpose; Find Unexpected Opportunities
Stage 3: LIFESTYLE CHANGE (10 weeks)
  • Make that elusive transition from "being on a diet" to "living a fresh new healthy lifestyle."
  • Learn how to keep yourself motivated and consistent and use those skills to take your diet – and your life – to another level.
  • Strategies include: following your main motivation; involving others; using rewards; bouncing back from setbacks; and dealing with emotional eating.
Stage 4: SPREAD THE SPARK (ongoing)
  • With more energy, confidence and motivation, you can pursue goals and dreams in all areas of your life!
  • Help others accomplish their own weight loss and healthy living goals.
  • Stay engaged through regular "checkups" that evaluate how well you’ve been sticking to your new healthy lifestyle.
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