Build Your Own Support System

Emotional eating is a common problem goes way beyond the stereotypical picture of a weeping, ice cream scooping, curled-up-on-the-couch television zombie. Emotional lows (and highs) can affect all of us, guiding our eating decisions more than we know. Boredom, stress and general gloominess are all states of mind that could use a lift and an outlet.

A support system is one solution to emotional eating. It involves a web of contacts that rely on each other when emotions hit. The members of this support network help each other out when trouble comes along and food starts calling their names. These will be the people you can count on to keep you grounded, focused, and out of the fridge.

Think about the different types of people you turn to support you in different situations. When the emotions hit, you'll be ready to put your spport sstem into action. First, learn why goal buddies are so important to your success. Then find different sources for support, such as a fitness buddy for motivation and fellow dieter to check in on you. If you aren't finding the support you need, whether your friends and family members just don't have the time, or are jealously sabotaging your efforts, read How to Succeed Without Support for even more tips.