Printable Cookbook: Slimmed-Down Restaurant Dishes

A couple of months ago, we asked you to make over your favorite restaurant meals for our first SparkRecipes contest. From the dozens of entries we received, we chose 10 semifinalists. From there, we tested the recipes, considered our choices and tried some really delicious dishes that would rival any drive-thru or casual dining fare!

Now we're sharing these recipes with you! Make these slimmed-down restaurant foods at home to save money and calories.

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You can also view this cookbook on SparkRecipes to easily check nutrition facts, save recipes as favorites and add them to your Nutrition Tracker.

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Member Comments

Thanks. Report
Still a good read the second time around
Great idea! I saw an article in The Catholic Digest about 30 years ago where they told how to create restaurant specialty knock-offs at home like the Big Mac special sauce, KFC fried chicken (It was called Kentucky Fried Chicken) back then and several others. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks!! Report
I will definitely cut down on the sodium in these recipes but they look delicious and I will try them! Report
I agree with the sodium comments. In my opinion, though, recipes really are more for method and type of ingredient used to achieve a certain flavor. I very rarely use a recipe with exact specifications. Thanks for the dinner ideas!! Report
All of these recipes except the breakfast burrito and the Tuscan chicken are over the acceptable amount of sodium. I wouldn't make any of them the way the recipes are written. When people "lighten" a recipe they tend to add either sodium or sugars. Report
the best thing about these recipes is that they got me out of my apathy long enugh to say "you'v got to be kidding". My opinion only but arean't we aiming for more REAL food ingredients? Report
890 mg of sodium for pancakes?!?!?! That's absurd. I've never seen a pancake recipe that uses 3 sources of sodium - 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp baking soda, AND 1 tsp baking powder - that's just crazy, or somebody really goofed on this recipe.

I can make healthier pancakes from just about any light pancake mix in the supermarket. Report
While these recipes look good, they have too much sodium because they use too much processed foods. Using cans and bottles of different sauces have higher sodium levels not to mention genetically modified organisms in them. I am going to try making up some of my own that don't use all the processed stuff. We should be getting back to a clean diet that is filled with wholesome, organic foods not all the processed fake food that got us so heavy in the first place. Report
the recipes look good and the calories are low but the sodium is crazy high to me that it outweights the low calories. Report
Sodium seems very high on lots of these. Report
Some of the calories seem high for make-overs. Makes me wonder what the original calories where. Report