Dining Out: Vietnamese Cuisine


Dishes are a mixture of Far East and French flavors, with subtle flavors with fresh—but not overpowering—spiciness. These are not usually very heavy meals.
Common Ingredients:

Rice, seafood, lemongrass, pork, chicken, beef and lots of herbs and spices are accompanied by dipping sauces, bean sprouts, mint and garlic.
Hidden Dangers:
  • Clay-pot dishes are often high in fat and sodium, and the meat is often fried.
  • Both Ga Chien (crispy chicken and plum sauce) and Cuu Xao Lan (curried lamb and veggies in coconut milk) pack 900 calories and 40 grams of fat.
  • Prawn fritters
  • Deep-fried spring rolls
  • Creamy coconut curries

Healthy Finds:
  • Pho (beef or chicken soup with rice noodles) is flavorful and filling.
  • Add sauces and seasonings to Bun (grilled pork, shrimp or beef over rice noodles, topped with nuts).
  • Grilled Lemongrass Chicken includess rice papers, vegetables and herbs with a flavorful choice of dipping sauces.
  • Meat that is sautéed in broth instead of oil
  • Thit Heo Goi Baup Cai (spicy pork cabbage rolls): 200 calories and 7g fat
  • Canh Chay (veggie and tofu soup): 80 calories and 3g fat

The Big Tip:

In Vietnamese cuisine, chopsticks are called “doi dua”. Saying the English word is considered crude.
Substitution Ideas:

 Try This Skip That
Fresh rice paper Spring rolls Deep-fried Spring rolls
Fruit in light syrup Coconut flan
Spicy & sour shrimp soup Fried shrimp toast
Ca Hap
(steamed fish)
Vit Quay
(roast duck)
Bo Xa Lui Nuong
(grilled beef with lemongrass)
Ca-ri ga
(curry chicken)

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