The SparkPeople Solution for Teens

We're excited to announce the newest addition to the SparkPeople family of websites:!

SparkPeople's mission is to help millions of people get healthy and reach their goals by providing resources and tools completely free of charge. While our other websites enforce a strict age policy (for adults 18 and over), we realize that teens today are dealing with many of the same weight and health issues as adults. They need (and want) information about health and fitness—that's where SparkTeens comes in.

A modified version of, SparkTeens is the only online diet and fitness program geared towards teenagers, AND the first healthy living Community for teens. At SparkTeens, 13- to 17-year-old members will get the same customized tools that SparkPeople members use, but with some modifications to meet their unique needs. Also, the SparkTeens Community is separate from SparkPeople, to enhance their safety and allow them to interact with others like them.

We hope that SparkTeens members will learn to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime, and use what they learn to set and reach goals in other areas of life too.

Whether the teenagers in your life want to become more active, learn to make healthy food choices or improve their fitness levels, SparkTeens' tools and support are here to help them succeed—so let them know about it! Spread the Spark to the teens in your life today so they can enjoy a healthier tomorrow. Don't forget to share with high school teachers and coaches, your family doctor, and anyone else who cares about the health or our nation's teens!
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Member Comments

Good article. Report
What happened to this site? It seems to be missing, now. :( Report
I love that SP has developed a program for Teens!! My daughter is a very active teen but she had a few injuries last ski season that kept her from working out for many weeks which then led into months, which then caused her to gain some weight and lose a lot of her muscle tone. She has finally been cleared to workout more vigorously. Now she needs to work more on her eating habits. As a mother, it is hard to tell your child not to eat something because of his or her weight. Plus teenagers have a habit of thinking parents don't know what they are talking about. So hopefully this SparkTeen program will give her the corrrect guidelines to help her. I have searched for teen guidelines, but it is hard to find the correct information. Thanks SP!! Report
I am teaching my year 10 personnal development group about Eating Disorders and Body Image today so I will mention this site. Report
Sounds like another online ED club... Report
My daughter is trying very hard to work on her weight. She has joined the volleyball team at her school and is really coming along! She is making healthier choices with food also but it is hard to hear the comments some kids make about her like the other night on facebook. A guy from her high school "friended" her on facebook. He then asked her is she was that "fat chick" from middle school. It really hurt her feelings and it made me soooo mad. She told him that was a mean thing to say and deleted him. She has been so proud of herself lately but with those kind of comments it must be hard for her to stay motivated how can I help her without seeming like I am pressuring her? She already worries about me seeing her play volleyball because she thinks I will judge her performance. I have always told her that all that matters is that she is trying her best. What else can I do? Report
I was always overweight during my teens and how I wish this had been available to me.
My Daughter is only 11 and it has already started. The girls complaing about being fat. My girl isn't, I keep telling her that, but she has said I'm fat, I need to lose my belly ! At 11! She is 5ft 7in. She weighs 130lbs. She looks great, wish I had her shape. I worked hard on her to keep her healthier than me, because I didn't want her to deal with what I did growing up. Now she is my inspiration and support. When she hits 13, she will get an account with sparkteen, so that she can stay healthy and further learn how to maintain this on her own. Report

This is great coz my daughter is always moaning about the way she looks.
Thank you Report
My daughter has been so depressed about her weight. At 13, she's paranoid about everyone looking at her - and not liking her because of her weight. She has always been heavy. I actually am trying to eat the same thing as her, but I give her a bit more "healthy" calories since she's much younger. I AM SOOO GLAD you have made a site for teens!!!! This way she can become more involved and blog when she feels down. It will give her some freedom to speak her mind with peers with the same issues!! I am almost in tears just seeing this! VERY excited to have her start her program!!! Report
Great article. Report
I think this is wonderful. I was alway over weight thought these years and if I would have had a site like spark I think I would have been able to do more to help myself. Report