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"It's only the first of the month. How do some members already have hundreds of SparkPoints?"

This is a question we routinely get at the beginning of each month. The most common reason for high point totals is that some members like to track their food and/or exercise ahead of time (up to one week). Whether someone chooses to track a few days or a week ahead, those who track on a daily basis will begin to catch up as the month goes on.

SparkPoints are a tool for personal motivation, so we like to give all members the flexibility to track in a way that works best for them. Some people like to track ahead because they are very consistent with their food and activity, and are confident that the information won't change as the month goes on. Others might track ahead to see what changes they need to make while they still have time to adjust their plan. Still others might be using a slower Internet connection and find it easier to log up to 7 days at a time instead of logging on daily.

Whatever the reason, as the month goes on, those on the SparkPoints Leaderboards who log daily will begin to catch up to those who log longer periods of time. By the end of the month, tracking ahead has no influence on the monthly leaderboards.

We hope this explanation is helpful and that SparkPoints will continue to motivate you to use the site and reach your goals!

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Member Comments

I take it all with a grain of salt, finding it hard to believe someone would have 2500 fitness minutes on day one of each new month, Not to mention on all their teams they are always in first place on the leaderboard's! ( I guess if that is important to someone so be it). Personally, I removed myself from the leader boards as I think it is trivial, and not always honest. Report
Good article. Report
I agree with most previous comments. Doesn't always seem accurate to me either. Report
Interesting 'explanation' but I remain dubious as to the honesty of some people when recording their minutes Report
All of a sudden I am "not in this team" all over the place in all my teams? Report
My spark fitness points are highly inaccurate, I can't even figure out where the are getting their numbers because they are nothing at all like what I track, and they don't seem to add up, the same exact number has been there for now the third day. Report
The fitness minutes leaderboard is not accurate. This month (September 2017) I have accumulated 219 fitness minutes, yet the leaderboard only shows 153.

The leaderboard could be a real motivator if it was accurate, but to work so hard to try to reach and stay at #1 only to see the leaderboard not show that hard work can be quite discouraging, and the board loses it's ability to motivate. Report
I have to agree with some of the comments....about recording points a week ahead of time. What if something happens and you aren't able to do what you've recorded you've done! I don't know if you can delete them. But, it seems an inconsistent way of doing it. I would only record what I have already done to be on my own honesty level. Report
I just signed up last week for this team challenge. the One Minute Yoga. Am I missing something - I don't know where to record minutes or activities. I know I won't be anywhere near where what some people have already recorded. Thanks. Report
I look on some of these totals with disbelief. To the point that the leader boards should (I would suggest) begin with 'Once Upon A Time'. Total Fantasy and very 'De-Motivating' to those of us who it would seem log bespoke exercise. I might just start looking around for an alternative site without 'Motivational' treats. Shame though, because otherwise I have found this site to be really good. Report
So if one has 840 minutes on May 1st at 11:39 am and there is a 1 hour 20 minute delay posting it's ok that is 14 hours of exercise done in about 9 hours I am not a genius but the math doesn't work kind of cheapens the whole thing, Alot of us chart what we actually do daily where's the motivation Report
Why aren't any of the steps for April registering on the site? I can't get any step information for April. Report
So, how can I get a award for over 1000 fitness minutes 4 days ago and have only 720 on my total today, the total on my page says 1730. This makes no sense at all Report
I have been bugged about this for a while now. However, I can't dwell on whatever folks are doing to get 600 points in a day, because I know their tracking is just...different for whatever reason. I know that I only count sustained exercise and I am THRILLED when I get 60 minutes in a day. Since I am trying to get at least 250 exercise minutes in a week for great weight loss, this is my gold standard. Sure, I am motivated by keeping up with my buddies and other tracker owners, but I really know that I am most motivated by my own true progress. Report
I'm not getting it. Even my SPAT minutes aren't registering. I'll give them a bit longer to start catching up, but if it doesn't start tracking correctly, I guess I'll just have to input higher numbers until they are correct. I shouldn't have to stretch the truth to get what is accurately being tracked though. Report