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Hello SparkPeople Members!

Happy New Year! For the many thousands of new SparkPeople members, I'm the Founder & CEO of SparkPeople. Every now and then, I send an update to our members—the State of the Spark Address. I hope you enjoy it! We're like a big (very big!) family of people trying to reach goals together.

2007 Recap
First, I'd like to thank everyone for their help and support in 2007! This "Thank You" comes from me personally, but also on behalf of the entire SparkPeople team.

2007 was a great year for SparkPeople. During the last year we grew into one of the largest health-related websites in the world. Our small team continued to work diligently to add new tools and features to the site to help people like you reach their goals. Looking back, the best part of the year, for me, was that the number of amazing success stories went up by an incredible factor. I think we have hit the point where we not only know that the SparkPeople site and program works, but there are literally tens or hundreds of thousands of people actively using the site for their healthy lifestyle adventures on a regular basis—and well over a million people receive our Weekly Spark email!

A large percentage of our new members come from word-of-mouth, so we appreciate you Spreading the Spark and hope you continue telling your friends, family, and co-workers about us. This lets us spend more of our budget on developing new features (instead of on marketing costs), which helps all of you reach your goals.

Activity Stats Update
SparkPeople members have now lost a total of 3.5 million pounds and have burned over 2.5 billion calories through exercising. These are amazing totals! We are especially happy that the SparkPeople community continues to remain so positive and supportive. Our goal has always been to have the most positive online community in the world to help people reach their goals—you are making that goal reality!

Looking ahead, 2008 will be just as important and exciting as 2007. This year, we have the opportunity to break through to the mainstream, so that EVERYONE knows how much SparkPeople can help them reach their goals. I'm very excited about our "1 Billion Fitness Minutes" goal for SparkAmerica (SparkEarth for our international members). A consistent fitness program combined with goal-setting was the original "spark" that led me to develop SparkPeople. Currently someone from around the world tracks their fitness on SparkPeople every few seconds— see for yourself!

New Partner
I'm also happy to announce that SparkPeople is now working with RevolutionHealth, a new company started by AOL co-founder Steve Case. It has been exciting to meet and work with their team (which includes people like General Colin Powell!) so far. We'll have more information about this in the future.

Thanks again for your support. I wish everyone success in their personal goals this year. By working together to reach our goals, we are literally making a difference that could impact the whole world.


Chris "SparkGuy" Downie
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Member Comments

thanx sparkguy and coaches and techies. Report
Thank you Chris and all the Spark Coaches. This website has been a life saver for me. I love every aspect of Spark. From the moment I joined, I have felt at all. My teams have been wonderful. I have so many wonderful friends from all over the world and every walk of life. I receive so much support and encouragement, which has helped me to lose 100 lbs. I still have a long way to go, but I know that I will get there with the help of Spark People and all my wonderful Spark friends. I also spread the Spark. I tell anyone who will listen to me all about Spark. I even took the information to my dr., which he said he would spread to his patients. The most important thing for me is that we get all of this help and support for free. I wouldn't be able to do it if it cost. Again, thank you so very, very much!!


Lainie Report
I hope this is the best way to get a message to Chris Downie. He is very generous and unselfish to have a site such as this where people can get so much help with weight loss and related concerns and not be charged a cent. Thanks Chris for your compassion and concern for the overweight people of America! Report
I have been with SP for about 15 months. I log in daily, and tell everyone I know about it! Of course that bumper sticker helps anyone driving behind me!
Sparkpeople has helped me become a size 6; I have never been smaller than a size 9, which was my size in college. Most importantly, I eat healthy and exercise regularly.
My teams are the best !
Thank you Sparkpeople for everything you do and are! Report
Since finding SP I have lost weight and I am learning how to eat healthier. I have made some good friends. SP has given me the kick in the butt to get up and move. I have joined challenges and have never been happier. I have started my SparkAmerica challenge and I try harder every day to do more than the day before. I tell everybody I know about SparkPeople. Thank you for the site. Report
Ill tell you what, Im in love with SparkePeople! Now, I havent lost oodles of weight yet, but in 1.5 years Ive lost 30 lbs and HAVE NOT put it back on!!! I love Sparkpeople soo much, that when Im at the gym, and I talk to others who are working out, or new to the gym, I secrelty tell them all the time about Sparkpeople. Why pay all that money for weightloss pills/foods/diet aids or other programs (which you must pay for) when you can get everything you need through Sparkpeople. Absolutley makes no sense. And the library of info that SparkPeople has is phenomenal. ( I need to buy a sparkpeople shirt to wear to the gym!!!) Ive got about 5 friends using sparkpeople and I love it! THANK YOU for keeping this program going! Report
I have truly found the one place that has helped me. I felt like I was home the minute I entered sparkpeople. I am so hooked by this site. It helped me lose what for me was a great amount of weight in the first 3 months of being here. Something no other site or program has been able to do. When people ask me how I tell them all about you and tell them to get "the spark" into thier lives. I know of 4 people who have joined since I told them about you. My hat is off to you and your team for sharing your knowledge, humour and experiences with all of us. You have taught me about a lifestyle that is truly a lifestyle. Diets don't work but SparkPeople does. And thank you to my new family they have been and will continue to be my inspiration. Onward in 2008 Report
I am more than happy to spread the word after all that this site has done for me! I even have a challenge going on! On my team the Fabulous, Fun, Forty Something's to get more people at Spark People, the member of the team who recruits the most new members to Spark, (they don't have to join our team) will win the prize, which will be a beautiful Journal and pen set! Report
This site has helped me come from a person who "hated" herself to a person who is only now realizing her full potential. Thanks! Report
Again and again I'm amazed how much information, flexibility and potential this site offers, and how much work must go into maintaining it! I'm awed that somebody would go and invest his own money to help so many people.

It's so great to see how this site is still growing and to be a tiny part of it. I could well imagine that Sparkpeople.com ends up as well-known as E-bay or Amazon. Just without the annoying pop-ups! Report
I don't know where I would be today without SparkPeople. I would be unhappy and getting fatter and fatter. I lost 45 pounds in 2007, something that I never believed would happen! I hope to lose 45 more! Thank you for keeping this site free! Report
Thanks to Chris and the entire Sparkpeople staff. The upgrades to the server and service on Sparkpeople throughout the years have been a gift to us all and kudos for providing these tools for free. Report
I have been working in the pool for 30 to 4o minnutes five days a week. Add another 150 minutes to the total Report
Thank you Chris "sparkguy" for setting the example of our overall goal to be positive! Not only are you changing the look of Americans, but you are changing our homes with your positive attitude! There is a lot of GOOD still here on earth! Report
I am proud to say that I was "SPARKED" in the year 2007. My life step by step is continuing to change in ways I never dreamed. The SPARK Team has literally saved my life. I am honored to spread the word about the SPARK TEAM, as I truly believe this site is very soon to become one of the all time greatest sites available. To that end i feel privelaged to have made one of my goals to add at least one new member each day. I believe there is no end to what this site is going to achieve and I am humbled to be just a little part of this Great site. Thank you for making me feel that I am just as important a part of this team as ny other. My belief is that together we are going to be the NUMBER ONE WEBSITE in all of internet history.


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Chris Downie
As the founder and CEO of SparkPeople, Chris is passionate about helping people reach their goals! See all articles by Chris.
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