Eva Longoria Diet Secrets and Tips

We were as desperate as you to find out Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria’s diet secrets.  She has an amazing body and stunning good looks, so we all want to know “What is the Eva Longoria diet and exercise plan?”  Luckily, we’ve been able to track down what helps this Hollywood vixen look so good (and we can help you apply it to your diet and workout).

Turns out that Eva has been practicing a healthy lifestyle since she was a wee girl.  Growing up on a ranch in Texas, she didn’t have access to a lot of fast food and instead grew up eating fresh fruits, homegrown veggies and fresh eggs.  From her active childhood on the ranch, Eva went to college at a Texas A&M branch campus where she received a degree in Kinesiology (which is the study of body movements).  She then used her knowledge to work as a fitness instructor before she hit it big in Hollywood.  As star she follows a regimented diet and fitness routine, and it probably doesn’t hurt that she dates other active celebrities, like her NBA basketball playing boyfriend.  The couple has made fitness an integral part of their relationship by taking active vacations together.

Eva’s workouts typically include a 10 minute warm-up followed by 30 minutes of strength training.  She fills her workouts with a lower-body focus (lots of squats, lunges and leg presses) and incorporates balance equipment, such as an exercise ball.

You can apply some of Eva’s favorite diet and fitness secrets into your own diet by following these tips:

Eva Longoria Diet Lessons and Tips:
-Make quick and healthy snacks (her favorite, fresh lemon on cucumber slices)
-Find a workout buddy for motivation (Eva obviously has a trainer to motivate her)
-Incorporate fitness into your relationships (camping trip with your DH or BF maybe?)
-Learn more about fitness & nutrition (Eva has a degree, you just need to seek out information on healthy living)
-You can create a free fitness plan that focuses on your goals with SparkPeople.com that will give you the tools to get a body like Eva!  Click here for an amazing exercise program.