A 30-Day Challenge Designed to Add Health to All Aspects of Life

What are you willing to do to feel healthier and happier? For many, the question alone leads them to picture hours spent pumping iron at the gym or picking at plain celery while ignoring a rumbling tummy. Others feel intimidated by the time commitment required to maintain a healthy exercise and nutrition routine. Thus, before we even give our bodies and brains a chance at something better, we talk ourselves out of even trying.

But you'll never get to experience the incredible benefits of a healthy lifestyle--more energy, fewer health issues, more confidence, better sleep--if you never even try! As we all grapple with the new normal COVID-19 has forced upon us, motivating yourself to stay on top of your goals and routine can feel more difficult than ever before. And, yet, it's more important than ever before to maintain some semblance of a routine, not only to keep your body feeling good, but also to ensure you have the mental fortitude to face the ups and downs of a global pandemic head-on.

So, whether you've been discouraged in the past or you're the king or queen of excuses, this 30-day wellness challenge is designed to help anyone (yes, anyone!) small elements of healthy living their life without ever feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Each day, you'll complete three simple challenges focused on improving your approach to nutrition, exercise and mental health. Just imagine where you could be with your overall health at the end of 30 days!

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Alicia Capetillo
Alicia Capetillo
Alicia graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in journalism and a minor in film and media studies. Prior to joining SparkPeople, she worked in marketing and public relations and once left it all behind to backpack through South America. Alicia enjoys making every muscle weep at Orangetheory Fitness, farmers markets, planning trips to practically every country and cheering aggressively for her beloved Cincinnati Reds and New Orleans Saints. She can also make a mean guacamole on toast.