Crisscross Your Way To A Better Life

The fitness universe always talks about Nutrition and Exercise as if these are the only two options for getting in shape.
Want to lose the post-pregnancy padding? Nutrition & Exercise.
Want to look 10 years younger? Nutrition & Exercise.
Want to make everyone jealous at the high school reunion? Nutrition & Exercise.

Whatever happened to good old Sleep and Stretching? That’s right. Regular sleep and staying limber are just two ways you can take advantage of the Crisscross Effect to lose weight.
The Crisscross Effect is what happens when life’s building blocks hinder or help each other.
Weight loss is just a single part of your dynamic, intertwined life. You also might have kids, a demanding boss, car problems, a nagging cough, magazine subscriptions, sports teams, fishing trips, traffic, high blood pressure, music practice, cranky relatives, noisy streets, babysitting, card night and the daily comics to contend with. Weight loss has a real impact on – and is impacted by – all of these and more.
There's more to weight loss than Nutrition and Exercise. Weight loss is linked to everything else going on in your life. Programs that ignore this connection are doomed to be interruptions and stress producers.
When any part of your life changes – when new habits spring up – the Crisscross Effect takes over. Sometimes, the Crisscross is obvious and direct. Other times it’s more subtle.
When you learn goal-setting skills by trying to eat more veggies, and then start using those skills at work, you’re seeing the Crisscross Effect.
When your sleep habits make it easier to get up in the morning
in time for a strong breakfast, you’re seeing the Crisscross Effect.
When your success inspires a friend to start his/her own program, you’re seeing the Crisscross Effect.
The magic of the whole thing is not that parts of your life are linked. The real benefit is how you can use that link to your advantage. Nutrition and Exercise are still extremely important and should be a big part of any Fitness program. But with the Crisscross Effect, you can also use other building blocks to speed you on the way to weight loss.

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Member Comments

Love this! Full circle health Report
Everything we do should be to make our lives better, SparkFriends. We can do it. Report
thank you Report
.. Report
Thanks for the insights Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
Good article Report
Such a good reminder...not enough sleep and feeling stressed affects the way the body works, the foods you chose to eat, and the activities you feel motivated to accomplish. Report
Life does get pretty hectic sometimes, with all the schedules for work and the family, we must schedule exercise along with everything I can see where sleep can play an important part to becoming a more well rounded person to conquer everyday life head on! Report
This is so true! I think it work in revere as well. You may not be ready to tackle your health head on, but you begin to organize your home and your life, which frees up time to spend on yourself. In my case, the crisscross effect has changed my life as I have begun to notice all the ways in which my life and health are improving. Report
Didn't realize this effect had a name. Just had a conversation this morning with my fitness buddy about this very thing!

Sufficient sleep and proper hydration have no doubt boosted my progress. It also appears that my choices have impacted others' choices. Report
I have read this twice in December, searching my life for the crisscross options. It is helpful for me to recognize life's overlaps. Report
Excellent article! Report
I wish I could think up stuff like this -- it's really simple, but I've never looked at it this way! Report
I thoroughly enjoyed this article! There should be a like button the articles so that we can send/spread the word through facebook and twitter! I know there are for other features with sparkpeople but i've not seen it for the articles. Report


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