More Thoughts From the Community

Here are more thoughts and testimonials from the community, our SparkPeople members.


I've tried eDiets, Weight Watchers, TOPPS and never seemed at home. Somehow, I feel more at ease here and I have not explored most of the site yet. I have tried groups, but I am always afraid I will fail and I think I may with my thinking set myself up for failure.


I am a nurse and well trained in nutrition, but without support all that is useless. In all my years of dieting, I have tried them ALL… I have been down to a size 8 or 10 or 12 several times, only to bounce back to something just less then HUGE. This is the first time that I feel that I have the tools and wonderful support from SP and not having to break the bank to do it. I am telling all my friends and some of them have already signed up.


I've lost chunks of weight before using various programs but being with SP is different somehow and is changing me from within. I guess it's the first time I'm taking the holistic approach to weight loss. A human being is BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT and I believe to be successful I have to work on all three to become a new creation of myself and I know it's working. The three are interwoven and being in balance with each other brings success. (In my opinion)

I know this might sound like a commercial for SP but I look at it like this.

THE BODY: SP gives me the tools to feed my body correctly and the tools to track my exercise, therefore helping me to get and maintain a healthy body.

THE MIND: SP gives me info I need to make decisions. The more information and knowledge obtained the better.

THE SPIRIT: SP gives me the forum to express myself to others. Although SP gives me the forum it's you my fellow members, my family, my 100 pounds-plus club members, you are the ones that keep me inspired. You are the ones I can turn to for help. You cheer me on with my success and the ones who pick me up when I fall. I believe it's you that is giving me this inner peace I'm obtaining in my journey. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Again, stay tuned to hear more of what SparkPeople members have to say!