Letters from the SparkPeople Community

Here are some thoughts and testimonials from the community, our SparkPeople members.

From Patrohnem

It's been a very stressful day. I didn't sleep well last night and had a sick child this morning. BUT, I did well on my food. I have stayed very close to the goal analysis (Carbs, Protein and Fat) that was set for me. I have always stayed in the calorie range that was set for me. I started almost 2 weeks ago and have lost 4.5 pounds. I have exercised daily, so that's good and I am SURE to put in everything that goes into my mouth into the food tracking program. That has helped me tremendously.

From Kandyrce

Thank you guys for your warm welcome. I really do have a wonderful feeling about this whole thing. I have even shared with a couple of my friends how great this site is and they both have signed up today! I do believe that I am getting addicted.

From sfeltner_2001

Finally, I have found a site that I can track my calories and nutrition easily. Plus you give a super wide variety of workout ideas and motivation to stay focused. The price is right. I have been a member of Weight Watchers and South-Beach Diet and the cost is so ridiculous for the ability to track your diet. You feel so guilty if you do not use their sites
daily and thus throw yourself into failure. Your first reaction is to quit and continue on your own. But with the cost of this site being reasonable, that pressure is lifted and I find myself actually using it more religiously--go figure!

Many of the foods that I eat are in your databases, which are not in Weight Watchers. Plus I want to know the calories, fat, carbs, and cholesterol of the foods that I am eating--not just the point system. E-diets is also a site that I found too costly for the amount of information. Since, I can actually see the nutritional value of the "real" foods that I eat in a graphical manner; I can make better decisions about how to improve my eating habits and cut calories and portions. I play a "what-if" with my daily choices and sometimes find that I can actually do without certain foods that I selected during the day.

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