Weight Loss can be a Team Effort

So there I was, cruising along on the exercise bike (as I often am) and thinking (as I often do). I was thinking about the positive, sometimes amazing changes I’ve made in my life thanks to fitness.

I was just about to congratulate myself when I realized I should have been grateful. I should have been thanking the people around me that made this possible: My Team!!

Why would anyone want to lose weight – or pursue any goal – alone? Every dieter should have a Weight Loss Team of people pulling for you, using their strengths to make up for your trouble areas. Think of what people have been able to accomplish when part of a team. Teams wrote the Constitution, built the Empire State Building and landed on the moon – all impossible if attempted alone.

You can build a Weight Loss Team the same way you build a basketball, baseball or soccer team. Essentially, you fill different positions with people that are good at each position. That way, nobody has to do everything. They simply fill a specific role.

My team is a cast of diverse characters and that’s what makes it so fun. When they’re involved, sometimes I forget how hard I’m working. Many of them don’t even know they’re on my team, but they’re valuable just the same.

Here are some great Team members to have:
  • Motivator – someone good at picking you up when you fall down and re-energizing you
  • Positive Thinker – someone good at always looking at the bright side
  • Goal Guardian – someone good at keeping you focused on your goal and on track
  • Exercise Buddy – someone good at making workout time fun and social
  • Listener – someone good at being an outlet when you need to vent or talk about problems
  • Informer – someone good at circulating health and fitness info, ideas and opportunities
  • The Bizarre One – someone good at finding fun, interesting and crazy ways to stay active
So if you’re struggling, if you’re having trouble staying on target, if you’re feeling frustrated, it might be time to start forming that Weight Loss Team of your own. Get them involved! Uniforms are optional.