What's So Great about Working for SparkPeople?

Not everyone can say they love what they do, and rarely do you find a company full of people who say that! Here, SparkPeople's Coaches discuss what they like most about SparkPeople and their roles within the company.

Chris Downie, Motivation Expert and SparkPeople Founder
"I love talking to members nearly every day. This keeps me motivated to continue building a SparkPeople Movement that could change America and the world if we all keep reaching our goals, supporting each other, and spreading the Spark! I also love having a great team at SparkPeople."

Becky Hand, Registered and Licensed Dietitian
"The best thing about working for SparkPeople is the care and compassion that everyone on our team has for all our members and for each other. Even though I work from my home, I can still feel that compassion daily."

Nancy Howard , Certified Running Coach and Community Moderator
"The best part of working for SparkPeople is getting to virtually meet people from around the United States and the world. It's nice to be on the proactive side of helping others become healthier versus the reactive side I was on when I previously worked as a nurse."

Tanya Jolliffe, Healthy Eating Expert and Community Moderator
"The focus on healthy living--eating, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and being penny wise--as well as working with great people and having a flexible work schedule that allows me to be productive and a strong contributor to our company. I love being able to use my nutrition background and experience as well as a lifetime of athletics to help other people dream big, reach deep and accomplish more than they ever dreamed possible, one small goal at a time."

Jen Mueller, Fitness Coach and Community Leader
"I'm so lucky to have a job that I'm passionate about, and also gives me the flexibility to be home with my small children most of the time. Helping members realize that they have what it takes to make positive changes in their life is very rewarding."

Nicole Nichols, Certified Personal Trainer and Editor
"I love that I can work for a company with a mission that I care about and that the work I do directly helps people make healthier choices. It doesn't hurt that all of my co-workers are pretty awesome all around and we all get along so well together. I especially like my commute (3 miles) from home and our casual work environment. (I pretty much come to work in fleece pants all winter long.) I have the most fun when I get to learn about new health and fitness trends, research them, and then use that info to create new articles and features for the site. I realize that we have it pretty good when it comes to working here and that not many people can say that they like their jobs, co-workers or company, so I try to appreciate that as often as I can."

Denise Tausig, Community Moderator
"The best thing about working for SparkPeople is knowing that we are helping so many people make positive changes in their lives. I truly enjoy seeing members of the SparkPeople Community come together and support one another! I love my job for so many reasons, but that is one that tops my list."

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