VIDEO: ''Small Changes Helped Me Lose 90 Pounds!''

Editor's Note: Every day, regular people just like you are losing weight, getting fit and improving their lives by using SparkPeople. Who knows better about what it really takes to lose weight the healthy way than other members like you? That's why we asked six successful members to share their incredible stories at the September 2009 "Spark Your Life" Convention in Cincinnati. Here's the video Laura (BLAZEGRRL) created to share her 90-pound weight loss adventure; afterward, she took the stage to share the three habits that most helped her reach her goals.

Here are my top 3 secrets to success:
  1. Go easy on yourself. Change is hard and it takes time. Recognize the small achievements along the way and don’t get down on yourself for the fumbles you make. If you're in this for the long haul, you'll more than likely encounter some setbacks—weeks where you don't lose weight or maybe even gain weight. Try not to get down about that. This process is challenging; it's not always easy, but if you stick with it, it will work for you. Even on days when you don't feel enthused about exercising, try to find little ways to make it fun. I like to treat myself to a new magazine that I can read while I use the elliptical, for example. Just remember that you can overcome the obstacles you encounter and it's going to make you stronger.
  2. Take time to build up your stamina. This goes hand in hand with my first tip. Don’t push yourself too hard too fast. Your body takes a while to warm up to exercising and healthy eating, so start slowly. I find it's easier to build habits when you focus on one thing at a time instead of trying to overhaul your whole life at once. Try to change one new thing every couple weeks. Every week at the grocery store, I make a point to try one new fruit and vegetable, for example, and try to build a fun recipe around it. I do the same thing with my exercise routine. When I first started, I could barely walk at a 3 mph pace on the treadmill without holding on to the console. Every few weeks, I'd reassess how I was feeling and noticed that it got easier as I lost weight, so I continued to increase my speed or incline. Running is my main form of exercise, and I just completed my first 10K. Challenge yourself to improve upon what you did last month and you will build stamina.
  3. Log on to SparkPeople every day. Every day, I still log on. I track my weight, exercise, and check in with my SparkFriends. On days that I don't feel very social, I'll just "lurk" on the message boards; seeing what other members are doing and saying will give me motivation for that day. Those positive comments help me change my whole attitude. Logging on to the website daily keeps me accountable in that way.
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This is proof that all you have to do is believe in yourself and make that change, SparkFriends. Thank you for sharing. Report
Very inspiring! Report
Enjoyed your suggestions. Report
So inspiring!! What a beautiful person you are! I'd love to see what I'd look like if I were to lose 50 lb! pounds. Report
awesome Report
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Your story was very moving! Thank you for sharing it, and congratulations on rediscovering your true self!!! Bless you, and may you have many happy and healthy years! Report
Liked all your "I statements"; especially when you said you couldn't blame your parents. It is time for all of us to assume personal responsibility and do this. Thank you for your honest review and congratulations! Report
Very encouraging, thanks for sharing, and congratulations! Report
Nice video and encouragement. I am 47 looking to loose at least 30-40lbs. It's difficult, and a gym is not for me. I am too selfconcsious. But I still am gonna do better to lose it. I have to, my health is at stake at this point. thanks blazzrgrl
Thanks for the motivation to keep going. Report
Thank you for taking the time to pay it forward! Report
Amazing . Report
Thanks so much for sharing your video. You have given me hope. Thank you. Report
Thanks for sharing. When I get down I often look for something on the spark pages to lift me up. You do get dicouraged when you try so hard and don't drop and pound, when this happens I also stop to think what I have gotten out of this, this week.Allot of the time it maybe that I am just happier with myself. That's allot Report