What to Include in the SparkRally Description Box

When creating a SparkRally, you want to make sure that your description is as detailed and thorough as possible—that will help Team members plan for the event and minimize confusion and questions. Here are some things you'll want to include in your SparkRally Description.

Let all potential attendees know:
  • How they will find you. Clearly define a specific meeting place, and consider bringing a recognizable item, such as a flag, poster, or SparkPeople T-shirt.

  • What time the event will end. Be exact or approximate so people can plan accordingly.

  • How many people can attend. If you have to limit the number of people that can attend, due to space, cost or other reasons, tell members in advance that the event will be first come first serve.

  • Whether or not they need to RSVP. If so, set a cut-off date so that you can plan accordingly and possibly make reservations, if necessary.

  • If there is a fee involved. If you are asking for donations to assist with rental fees, food or prizes be sure to include this in the description. Be clear about what the costs will cover and how much you would like each attendee to contribute.

  • About incentives and free stuff. If you plan to give away prizes or have a special guest appearance, alert your members ahead of time. This will help increase attendance!

  • Whether or not food will be provided. If you are providing food, tell your members ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.

  • What they need to bring. If you would like attendees to bring items, such as food, drinks, games or chairs, be sure to include this is your description so attendees come prepared.

*SparkRallies are organized and run by members. SparkPeople does not endorse, sponsor or organize these Rallies or other member-organized offline meetings.