Tips For Planning A SparkRally

Thanks for your interest in planning a SparkRally!  SparkRallies are a great way to meet, motivate, encourage and get support from others in your SparkTeam.  Also, SparkRallies are a great opportunity to bring a friend to an event and help Spread the Spark. Here are some of the most common SparkRallies we see happening – hopefully this will give you some helpful ideas for your next SparkRally. 
  • Group Walks - Enjoy a beautiful day outside, window shop at your local mall or exercise and learn at your local museum. Consider supporting a local or national charity and walk as a team, for example The March of Dimes Walk. As a team you can walk and talk almost anywhere, get out and view your beautiful city.
  • Group Hikes/Bike Rides - Explore local parks and trails built for beginners or more experienced hikers/bikers. Consider checking out your city's local SparkPeople events/resource page for reviewed trails and ideas from others in your city.  
  • Group Fitness Challenges - For team members who have reached their fitness goals and are looking for a group to keep them motivated. Challenge each other with a longer hike, run, bike ride or new exercise class.
  • Recipe Exchange/Potluck - Meet up at a public place or a member’s home to taste test each other’s healthy recipes. Browse for ideas and remember to bring along copies of the recipe and nutrition information so that you can share it with others.
  • Healthy Dining Out - Meet as a group to test and review local healthy dining options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Consider restaurants listed in your city's local SparkPeople events/resource page and be sure to add any new restaurants you try out that aren’t currently listed there (or add comments to listings that already exist).
  • Group Classes - Check out your local YMCA or gyms and see if you can organize a special onetime Yoga, Pilates, cardio or fitness class to introduce members to new forms of exercise. Or, organize a group at a local venue that offers healthy cooking classes. 
  • Group Sporting Events - Get together and participate in your own sporting events, like bowling, kayaking, tennis,soccer, etc. or go support your local high school or professional teams at their local venue. If there is enough ongoing interest, consider getting a team together for a local recreational sports league (softball, soccer etc).
  • Family Events - Visit your local zoo, movie theater, church festival, state fair or get the whole family together to play board games and meet others who share your healthy lifestyle.
  • Enjoy the Outdoors - Enjoy at beach picnic, BBQ or local rock climbing destination. Check out your city’s local SparkPeople event/resource page for great outdoor activities in your city.
  • Volunteer Opportunities - Give back to your city and volunteer, as a group, at local events such as walks, soup kitchens, schools, etc. Volunteering together is a great way to get to know others from your team.
  • Support Local Shops - Meet up at your favorite local coffee shop, farmers market or grocery store to pick up a few healthy items, share stories and tips, plan your next big event or just relax and enjoy the day.
  • Regularly Scheduled Team Touch Base - Get together and support each other on a regular basis. Motivate each other and share updates on your success. Have members share how they are achieving their goals, what has worked well for them and other tips/ideas others could benefit from learning.  Possibly give team members a goal/homework assignment to bring to the next meeting to discuss.
*SparkRallies are organized and run by members. SparkPeople does not endorse, sponsor or organize these Rallies or other member-organized offline meetings.