The Importance of Systems in Achieving Goals

Setting and achieving goals can be very overwhelming if systems aren’t put in place. A system can take many different forms. It can be a simple post-it reminder or it can be a routine that you follow on a regular basis.

Once you start setting goals, it’s tough not to want to set them in all areas of your life – school, work, exercise, your dreams, hobbies, the way you want to act, etc. If systems aren’t put in place, it’s very hard to keep everything organized and consistent. To achieve a goal, consistency is very important. We have all set out to do something, only to get off track. We’ll remember a couple weeks later and try starting it up again, but it never works that way. A year later you think about what could have been.

Adding a goal is usually a change in your life, and change takes time to work into your schedule. Starting out small is a great way to incorporate change – it’s not too demanding of your time, but you’re able to start building a foundation.

For example, a lot of people have a goal to exercise more. Starting out with a 10-minute workout is a great place to start. It’s not that difficult to squeeze 10 minutes into your busy schedule – finding a system to make it stick is the key. Maybe you walk during lunch, work out in the morning before you start your day or at the end of your day to get rid of all the stress, whatever works for you. Finding those systems that work for you, and not worrying about what other people are doing, will help you be very successful in achieving your goals.

As you develop more and more goals and systems, it’s important to keep these things organized. Starting your day with a checklist of goals is a great system to keep track of all your goals and systems. Some people have a big chalkboard, others put it on their refrigerator, and some even write it on their hand. It sounds funny, but finding your way is important. Don’t look to do something just because it works for someone else. Find your path and be creative!

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Member Comments

Thanks, great article! Report
Good article. Report
Thanks for the reminder that one size doesn't fit all. Report
I'm not so much a goal maker. But I'm very into systems, routines, structure. I find that people who work outside the home have a hard time establishing structure for themselves. In general, it's much easier to have structure forced upon us, by employers, schools, etc. But learning how to structure our lives, is a very important skill. I'm fortunate to be very good at this. For exercise, routines are very important, they take the thought process out of it. I get up every morning and walk 5 miles with my dog. I don't even think about it anymore, I just do it. Report
Thank You, for this great article. I'm going to set new GOALS for myself, I just need to search in myself and find whats more important to me. WooHoo! Report
Great article.The trackers help me track some goals. I am going to make a list of other goals and check them off . I always like to see things that I had accomplished. Thanks Report
Great article. I found this very helpful not only as we begin a new year, but something vital that I need to incorporate daily. Report
This is one of my major downfalls! When I decide to diet, I hit the ground running and make it my main focus. I am going to try to take these important babysteps before skipping over them. Report
Love the idea to keep goals written down someplace you see first thing in the morning. Report
Excellent article, very motivational for me. Report
i'm just getting back on track after 6 months of not exercising (and a 20lb weight re-gain)

Starting small is what has let me get re-started Report
i like how he acknowledges that one size or one goal doesn't fit all. there are many ways to the top and we all have to find the right path for ourselves. problem with me though is that if i have to deal with food and weight, that's all i can deal with and everything else (school, work, family) goes down the drain... and vice versa. must learn how to balance everything in my life Report
Good article. Setting specific goals works well for me for eating and exercising. But I'm trying to extend goal setting to other areas of my life, and it's hard. I've been experimenting with setting vague goals, like "spend 10 minutes today doing some cleaning task I hate/usually put off". That's been working better than a specific "clean the windows" type goal. Report
Lately I find it easier to set specific goals- each day.I find them easier to achieve that way. One day at a time! Report


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Joe Downie
Joe, an exercise enthusiast, is a certified physical fitness instructor and high school soccer coach.
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