At SparkPeople, we believe that health should be fun and inspirational—not clinical or negative. That’s why we invented the word “Healthtainment ®to best describe the motivational and positive experience people have here at Our members experience Healthtainment ® in a number of ways, including:
  • Meeting other members on our SparkTeams and message boards. Teams topics range from “people with 100 pounds to lose” to “fans of the band Barenaked Ladies.” But, the common thread is that the members of every SparkTeam are interested in improving their health.
  • Fun and interesting tools and features. One example is our SparkPoints, which you can earn and collect by performing tasks that help you reach your goals (exercising, logging your food intake, reading articles and more). Members can spin the SparkPoints Wheel each day just for logging in. On most days members will earn a few points, but some days they can earn more points, or even prizes like T-shirts, water bottles and bumper stickers.
  • Learn how to integrate healthy habits into your daily life. Instead of depriving yourself calories or your favorite foods, we show you how to eat more healthy foods while still making room for your favorites. Ongoing challenges, like exercising for just 10 minutes a day, make it fun and easy to stay motivated.
  • SparkPeople’s Fuel for Improvement System. We combine topics that help improve your body (like nutrition and fitness) with topics that help improve your mind (like motivation and goal-setting). This helps make SparkPeople more entertaining and useful than other programs.
We believe that Healthtainment ® can engage more consumers into living a healthy lifestyle than any other wellness initiative on the planet. Our tools and community are free, and more importantly, fun! This means that anyone can try our program risk-free, and they’ll stick with it, not only because it’s motivating and entertaining, but also because it produces real results.

If you want to add a little Healthtainment ® to your lifestyle, register for today!