SparkPeople Members Featured on E!

On January 5, the E! network premiered "E! True Hollywood Story Investigates: Diet Fads," which included interviews with two SparkPeople members (who are also friends), Kristina (EKHAM05) and Tina (TEANAZ1). The show covered various diets that don't live up to their claims, and in some cases, are dangerous to your health. But the bright spot of the show was when our members were interviewed about SparkPeople. Kristina and Tina shared their former weight loss attempts and how SparkPeople finally made a difference in their progress.

Another reminder, in case you missed it: Don't forget to watch the E! network's "True Hollywood Story Investigates: Diet Fads" special, which will air again on Thursday, January 31

The response to the show (and the number of new members who joined after seeing it) has been overwhelming! So we thought you'd enjoy hearing a little more from Kristina and Tina about their experience on E! and what it's been like since the show first aired.

Were you happy with the show presented you and SparkPeople?

Kristina: Yes, I was. I had worried for a long time how it was going to be presented. The show's name was "THS Investigates: Diet Fads." I didn't want SparkPeople to be lumped into all the other fads. I think by putting it at the end of the show that it was the light at the end of a very bleak tunnel. I know that I would have wanted to check it out if I wasn't already a member!

Now that you've been on the show, do you feel like you're even more motivated to reach your goals?

Kristina: Absolutely! More motivated then ever! I started doing what I need to do such as exercising, writing everything down that I eat and getting at least 64 oz of water. Tina and I know that we are going to apply for "The Amazing Race" at the end of this year. We are doing it together!

Tina: Since it aired I would say I have been inspired by all of SparkPeople's members to keep going. I was getting low on myself. I am sure we all have had those moments. A lot of times it's a change in family matters that make us forget what we were doing for ourselves. That was my case. But I have to thank everyone for their comments, emails and kind words, and for watching the show--it keeps me afloat.

Were there things you said that you wish would have made it onto the show but didn't?

Kristina: There were several things. One is that I am doing this to break the cycle of overweight/obese women in my family. I really want my daughters to know more about nutrition, exercise and how to live a healthy life than I did. It's more than losing weight. I would rather live a healthy, full life than worry about a number on a scale or on my clothes. I want that to be my legacy to my daughters.

The second thing is about SparkPeople. I think it's important to get involved with a SparkTeam or two. You can be on this website all day and still feel like you are all alone in your struggle. In reality, you're not. All it takes is one special Team. However, you have to be an active member. I really don't know how to support or encourage you if I don't know you. SparkTeams are so important for keeping me accountable as well. I love challenges. They help keep me motivated even when I don't want to be.

How long has it been since you were interviewed and how has your progress been since then?

Tina: We did the interview on October 14, 2007. I had been maintaining my weight up until the holidays. I gained a few pounds back, but I am not upset at all. I am just glad it isn't a whole lot I need to work off. I have been very happy with my progress so far.

What has the response been like from your fellow SparkPeople members? Have you gotten a lot of questions about the show or about your weight loss?

Tina: The response has been overwhelming! I have had over 50 people add me to their SparkPages. I plan to write each person a SparkMail very soon. I haven't had too many questions about how the process went, but I have had a lot of people tell me they were proud of how SparkPeople was introduced to the world. I am truly proud to have had this honor, but I have been telling people: The thing that makes me most proud is that we are making changes for a better, healthier lifestyle. It's not a's a new way of life!

Kristina: I tear up every time someone writes me and says "Thank you for doing the show. I didn't even know SparkPeople existed. I'm so glad I watched." I knew it would cause a bit of a ripple of the message boards that I'm on, but I never expected the response from people I didn't even know.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Kristina: Another question I get a lot is how I am losing the weight and does SparkPeople really help. I'm doing the easiest and hardest thing I know to lose the weight. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but let me explain. The answer to "how do I lose weight" is pretty simple: I exercise, write down everything I eat (which includes portion sizes), and drinking water. The hardest part is getting my mind to do all that on a regular basis. How does someone fit another thing in with a marriage, three children (who all have activities of their own) and a full-time job? It takes a lot of patience and understanding. I have to be ok with myself when I fail, but I can't let that send me down a spiral of bad habits again. I need to pick myself up and start again. That is where SparkPeople and my SparkTeams come in. I have to think about it every day if I log in. What do I do when I feel down and think I will never be able to lose the weight? I usually call Tina who boosts me up and then I come to SparkPeople. I start reading others SparkPages and leaving an encouraging word or two on their pages. After 10 minutes, I'm feeling better, knowing that I can get back on track.

Tina: I would just like to say thanks a lot to SparkPeople and E! This has been an experience I will never forget. If this television program makes a difference for only one person, it was worth it to me. Some people will take a detour (I never like to say "fail" because we are not being graded for the changes we make), but eventually they will open that map back up, find the right road to take, and meet up with us.

Congratulations to Kristina and Tina for your awesome progress, and thank you for representing SparkPeople so well!